Birthday Board Ideas: 33 Pop-Up Displays Worth Planning On

When setting up your classroom this fall, remember to include a birthday board display for your students. Everyone loves to be recognized for their special day, especially young children.

So, now…

Search for ideas and get creative with your birthday board! You can customize your display to match the theme of your classroom or find a more traditional birthday board that features candles, party hats, or cake.

Stand Out Displays

1. When teachers search for birthday resources, they can find numerous examples of three-dimensional bulletin boards. These gift-wrapped presents are visibly appealing to kids of all ages.

gift wrapped presents board

View here: Gift Wrapped Presents

2. If three-dimensional walls interest you, here is another cute find! This teacher used gift bags in her classroom.
View here: Gift Bags

3. This rainbow birthday display is bright and colorful. Each color of the rainbow specifies a different month of the year. Add student names to the bottom of their birth month so they can search for their names.

View here: Rainbow

4. This teacher used paper plates to make her lettering really stand out. You can add your own lettering written by hand, cut out letters using a die-cut or a Cricut machine, or search for pre-made bulletin board letters.

handwritten note posted in a bulletin board

View here: Bulletin Board 

5. A quick search and you can find just about anything you are looking for. This adorable birthday sign makes a beautiful wall display, yet it also could serve as a pretty photo backdrop for taking birthday pictures!

View here: Happy Birthday Board

6. If you search for a birthday board that will really stand out, this design even lights up! Not only is this 3D cupcake find adorable, but it also hosts embedded lighting for added flair.

View here: Light Up Display

Creative Displays

7. If you are crafty you can make a birthday sign to hang in your classroom. Use buttons or cut out shapes to represent the month categories, then hang ribbons from each month to attach individual student birth dates on each.

happy birthday with celebrants name on board

View here: Birthday Sign

8. I love the idea of using clothespins to hang tags for each month of the year. This adorable frame will make your classroom feel homey. Search videos and resources for more ideas like this one!

View here: Framed Birthdays

9. Now here is a creative idea! Use a magnetic whiteboard to create categories for each month of the year and include a list for each of your student’s birthdays. Using magnets is a fun way to display birthdays, but it also makes changing out names or information easy.

View here: Magnetic Birthday Board

10. Birthday boards aren’t only for students! Think of adding a fun monthly birthday bulletin to celebrate your favorite authors like Dr. Seuss. You can also search for resources that celebrate teacher birthdays and other staff members in your school.

happy birthday with cake board idea

View here: Author Birthday Board

11. This teacher used black paper to create the background for her classroom birthdays. Using a silver or white Sharpie, you can easily add student names and birthdates to your wall and it will really pop!

View here: Simple Design

Thematic Birthday Boards

12. If you want a cute owl birthday board for your classroom, look no further!

View here: Owl Birthday Board

13. Fishing for birthday resources? Search no further! Your students are sure to enjoy this fishing-themed creation for displaying birthdays in your classroom.

fishing theme bulletin board creation

View here: Fishing Theme

14. Donut you know? Yes, here is another adorable resource if you want to use a sweet theme like donuts for your classroom display!

View here: Donut Display

15. Teachers can find thematic displays by conducting a quick internet search such as this birdhouse chart for their classroom.

View here: Birdhouses

16. These sparkly birthday stars are sure to be a favorite among your shining stars!

bulletin board with hearts and stars setup

View here: Sparkling Stars

Easy Birthday Board Ideas

17. When you search for ideas, you can find some inexpensive options for birthday boards. This classroom teacher used construction paper and markers to cut out cupcakes for each month. Then, she added candles to represent each student’s birthday.

View here: Birthday Candles

18. As teachers search for innovative birthday board ideas, they can find special resources with printable birthday content. This item is on the list because you can customize the content, especially for your students.

View here: Printable Candles

19. If you like to decorate your classroom according to a specific theme, check out this cactus birthday display.
Look for a colorful notepad with pages to match the look of your classroom theme and laminate twelve of the pages to use for your birthday wall display.

cactus theme bulletin board

View here: Cactus Theme

20. You can find clever portable ways to display birthdays in your classroom, such as using a tri-fold poster board as this teacher did.

View here: Tri-fold Board

21. On a time crunch? There are many birthday posters available for purchase. Simply write student birthdays on the chart and you’re done!

View here: Birthday Poster

22. Not feeling crafty? Check out this premade birthday board.

birthday flowers with months bulletin board

View here: Premade Birthday Board

Photograph Board Ideas

23. Students will love this birthday bulletin board idea because it features their photographs. Have students hold the number of their birthday in the photograph so you’ll know the exact date of each child’s birthday.

View here: Birthday Photos

24. Young children need visuals, especially when it comes to abstract concepts such as time and space. This is a fun way to help your students search for their birthdays each year.

View here: Magnetic Photo Board

25. Teachers can search to find a list of resources dedicated to birthday board ideas, and this school took it to a whole new level. Utilize a birthday booth to take pictures of your kids on their birthday!

group of children wearing photo booth props

View here: Photo Booth

26. This is another magnetic board idea with personal photographs embedded into the calendar. You can make special magnets for each of your kids with their pictures on them.

View here: Photo Calendar

27. Use a photo flower collage as your classroom birthday board or search for similar ideas.

View here: Flower Bouquet

28. I like how this teacher created a monthly bulletin board to feature the students who are celebrating birthdays for a specific month.

happy birthday concept for bulletin board

View here: Monthly Bulletin

Interactive Birthday Boards

29. This birthday board idea uses cutouts of children. Your students could even decorate their own paper characters. This takes little time away from instruction but will make birthdays feel important to your kids when they search for their own names.

View here: Kids Cut-outs

30. Search no more! This birthday board content incorporates the students with interactive birthday crowns.

Students create their own crown at the beginning of the year, which is displayed on the birthday sign. For each birthday, the children get to wear their crowns for their special day.

View here: Birthday Crowns

31. Check out this adorable find for student birthday ideas! This teacher used fun swirly straws to make birthday balloons for her kids. They look fantastic in a display vase and are easy to distribute as treats on each student’s birthday.

birthday decoration with straws

View here: Birthday Straws

32. Find resources when you search for ideas! These cute cupcakes are incorporated into a classroom’s calendar wall.

View here: Calendar Wall

33. Your students can design their own paper T-shirts for this interactive birthday bulletin!

View here: T-Shirt Board


Search for videos that not only give design examples for birthday boards but also show how they are made:

3D Birthday Chart YouTube Video

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you write on a birthday board?

Search through the examples above to get some ideas on titles for your classroom bulletin board. Start by clearly representing each of the twelve months of the year, then add your individual birthdays to each month. A simple title or, “Birthday Board” will suffice.

How do you make a birthday board?

You can find many how-to video resources on YouTube. Some teachers use paper and bulletin board lettering to decorate their birthday boards. A razor blade knife cuts the paper perfectly so you’ll have a crisp border.

How do you celebrate a birthday class?

You can search for student birthday treats to gift on each student’s birthday. Some ideas include stickers, crowns, candy, or other small toys. As a class, you can sing Happy Birthday to your special students, or even allow them to be the line leader or helper for the day.

Jump In: You could always use an easel to create wonderful class boards, too! Your students will appreciate the experience of using one if they are encouraged to add their ideas. Check out my top list of teachers’ easels here — 7 Best Teachers’ Easels For Classroom Use That Will Revolutionize Your Teaching.


Having a birthday board in your classroom will help you keep track of each child’s birthday, but it will also ensure that you do not forget or neglect to recognize anyone on their special day.

Your students will appreciate all the time you took into creating a personalized classroom birthday board! They will surely feel special when they search the display to find their names.

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