Complex Sentence Generator: 7 Tools To Build Good Statements

There are a lot of different sentence generators out there that offer a variety of sentences for different purposes. Some are great for practicing grammar, while others are perfect for practicing writing.


Whether you are on a mission to increase your reading comprehension or look for a stimulating way to improve your writing skills, one thing is clear: Complex Sentence Generators have become an essential part of any job seeker’s toolkit in 2022.

We’ve compiled this list of the top-rated complex sentence generators in 2022 to help you find what you need.

1. Conversion AI Complex Sentence Generator

Conversion AI Complex Sentence Generator

We’re starting this list with a great tool to help you convert complex sentences into simple ones.

With Conversion AI, you can convert questions, phrases, and any sentence fragment into the correct form of a simple sentence.

Conversion AI is one of the most popular complex sentence generators in 2022. It’s a powerhouse free online tool that generates complex sentences based on your type.

The generator has been designed to work at a pace of 50 words per minute through the “Fast Speech” option. The “Slow Speech” option will produce 20 words per minute.

It has various sentence structures and offers words you can put into your final sentences for creativity and style. For example, you can choose from action verbs, descriptive phrases, nouns, or adjectives. The list goes on.

This paraphrasing tool was designed to allow users to create their own personalized complex sentence generator. Users can upload any text file and then choose which kind of sentences they would like converted by clicking on the buttons.

The sentence will be a correct compound sentence with an independent and dependent clause. If the dependent clause comes first, the two clauses can be joined with a comma.

Conversion AI has a pretty simple interface as well. You can search for your text file or use Auto-Suggest to search for your desired words and generate simple sentences based on what it finds.

How it Works

The process is pretty straightforward. Just choose an independent clause from Conversion AI’s library and plug it into the first box and then choose a dependent clause from the same library and plug it into the second box.

You can also choose to have your sentence personalized by clicking on the “Add Personalization” button.


  • The conversion tool is easy to use and contains many templates to help you find what you’re looking for.
  • You can also choose to automate certain functions, such as the “convert this sentence” button and the “remove punctuation” button.
  • You can add words to your complex sentence template, such as “I like,” “is,” or other phrases you want to convert into simple sentences or sentences.
  • The company uses Artificial Intelligence in the conversion process, which allows them to make mathematical calculations to convert any sentence into a simple sentence that would be easier for humans to understand and interpret.


  • Since there is no audio output for the sentence, you’re forced to read it to understand its meaning.
  • The program does not always convert the words into what you would expect or want. You may want the noun and verb to be switched, but that doesn’t happen with this AI.

2. Lingo Jam Complex Sentences Generator

Lingo Jam Complex Sentences Generator

Lingo Jam is a great sentence maker for both reading comprehension and writing practice. It has various types of sentences, including Complex, Compound, Compound-Complex, and Complex-Compound sentences.

The LingoJam Complex Sentence Generator can produce between 1 and 10 different words per second. It has a story mode, which helps develop your vocabulary, and a practice mode that allows you to test yourself.

They also have plenty of sentence types that you won’t find in other generators, such as Double Sentences, which are sentences that contain two separate ideas but are joined together by a conjunction.

Sentence Mixers and Sentence Splitters are available here to give you even more advanced sentence practice experience.

Lingo Jam offers more than 1,000 paraphrase sentences that you can use to add variety and spice to your writing.

You can pick from statements created by real people, statements made by computers, or random combinations of the two.

The transform function reformulates or rewrites the generated/entered sentence or phrase into a new version with the same meaning.

Lingo Jam has plenty of unconventional sentences you might not find anywhere else on the web.

How it Works

You start by choosing the number of sentences you want to generate, from 1 to 50. Then, you can choose from various sentence styles, including complex, compound, and complex-compound sentences.

The second step is where you get to specify the level at which you want your sentences to be rated. You can choose from A, B or C. In the end, you will be presented with a list of sentences to review and grade.


  • We love how this is one of the few sentence generators that offer sentences made by people as an option (instead of just computers or random combinations of the two).
  • It also has more options for practice sentences and types of sentences than many other generators.
  • Lingo Jam is easy to use and comes with some great paraphrasing tools for practicing your writing skills or learning to read better.
  • The sentences are realistic and exciting instead of sounding forced like many other generators.


  • If you are looking for longer sentences or a very big database, this might not be the right choice.
  • Because their database is so large and has such variety, it can be hard to navigate if you are new to sentences or need help finding what you are looking for.

3. Complex Sentence Maker Complex Sentence Maker is a user-friendly writing tool that offers a variety of options to test your vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. Complex Sentence Maker generates text at a rate of 180 characters per minute. This number is based on the average typing speed of 20 WPM.

Over 2,000 sentences are available in multiple categories, subcategories, and languages. The generator asks you to choose the grammar point you want to work on before presenting you with questions and answer options.

“The simplest way to find a complex sentence generator is to go to the home page,” said one verified user.

“They offer all kinds of sentence generators, but one of the best ones to get is They have a lot of different ways for you to write simple sentences, and there are about 2,000 sentences in each category. It’s a great way to test your grammar.”

It allows users to generate complex, multi-clause sentences based on professional and corporate advisors’ recommendations. provides an in-depth analysis of different sentence structures and opportunities to generate complex sentences directly from the English sentence maker. The sentence structure analyzer helps users understand how different clauses can be placed within the sentences.

In contrast, the English sentence maker allows users to organize and structure clauses directly into their prose.

If the independent clause comes first in the sentence, the independent and dependent clauses require a subordinate relationship.

The recommendations generated by are based on years of advice and instruction from some of the best English teachers and proofreaders across Australia, England, Singapore, and the United States.

How it Works

This generator uses a series of questions to build a sentence. You begin by selecting the verb, and then you have the option to add prepositions, conjunctions, and other words as desired. The service keeps track of your progress, so you can get creative with your writing.


  • It follows the standard English grammar and spelling rules.
  • There are lots of examples and illustrations.
  • is pretty easy to use.


  • The site could be more appealing to look at, but that’s just us. You might find it attractive enough.


paraphrasing online image

This complex sentence maker is perfect for anyone who wants to practice paraphrasing. It allows users to select the topic and generates five sentences created to follow the topic closely.

It takes about 2 minutes to generate one sentence, which is excellent considering how difficult some of the other generators are to get through.

In addition, it can generate a paraphrasing line with your own words, which is a very useful way to practice writing skills. is a great place to start if you are looking for a sentence generator that offers you a variety of choices.

They have a large number of sentences, and they are all written in different styles.

This comprehensive collection also includes sentences that range from simple to complex, so you can always find the right one for your purposes.

We also noticed that many of the samples have been written by native English speakers, meaning there are no spelling and grammar errors.

Since it’s one of the more popular sentence maker websites and SEO tools center available, has a lot of users who enjoy using its interface and learning new ways to improve their writing skills.

How it Works

With this generator, you can choose the topic of your essay, then choose various paragraph styles. Once ready, copy and paste your original passage into the box and select the correct paragraphs to create the paraphrase.


  • You can practice writing a variety of complex sentences
  • The user interface is easy to navigate
  • You can save your compiled sentences in an online memory bank
  • It’s one of the cheapest options on this list
  • The developer offers many resources for those who need help with their sentences.


  • Some users report that the interface is a little confusing, so if you are new to this type of website, then it might not be the best choice for you.
  • This website doesn’t offer that service if you are looking for free paraphrasing sentences.

5. Quillbot Online Tool

quillbot paraphraser

It’s no surprise that Quillbot is one of the market’s most popular complex sentence generators. It offers a wide variety of fictitious sentences tailored to various needs.

They include statements to practice grammar, sentence fragments for sentence structure, and even simple question phrases for practicing asking questions.

Quillbot Online Tool produces words at a rate of 2.5 words per second, or about 1,000 words per hour.

This is a cross-device, multi-functional sentence maker that can provide instant feedback.

It can also provide you with different settings to suit every specific situation. The free version is good enough for most purposes, but the premium version offers the ability to change settings, and sentences, and even add new features.

Quillbot offers a variety of different styles that can help you in your writing. You can write in any author’s style, from Shakespeare to Hemingway to Vonnegut.

Quillbot offers more than five hundred different styles for your writing pleasure. It also allows you to write in multiple languages.

You can also save your progress, so if you want to shelve a sentence for later use, you can do so easily. This sentence maker also allows you to export and share your work easily.

How it Works

Simply type in your question and fill in the rest of the information. It will respond with a well-written and researched answer using its unique formula for generating complex sentences.


  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of options
  • Multiple devices support, including phones and tablets
  • International language support (English, Spanish, French & German)


  • Does not have an app for offline use. So you need to download and save your work. This can be a little tricky sometimes if you have limited data or wifi access on your device.

6. CS Generator

cs generator image

CS Generator is a free tool that generates complex sentences. It gives you access to a large library of sentences in over 50 languages.

Of course, it was designed for writing practice, but there are many other ways to use this generator. The CS Generator can produce up to 100 words per minute.

This complex sentence maker utilizes a list of 100 pre-populated sentences to help you practice writing.

Each sentence has the corresponding number of independent clauses and is accompanied by the correct number of subordinate clauses.

The website also offers a Word Counter feature to count the number of times you use punctuation correctly and an automatically generated cumulative score for each topic.

This is a simple and straightforward writing tool with a clean and user-friendly interface. It lets you generate a variety of complex sentences in just one click. All sentences are saved for future reuse, which is great for time management.

You can also choose to generate entire paragraphs, questions, and negative sentences from anything 2 to 7 words long. The CS paraphrase generator website says that it only takes a couple of minutes to adjust your style according to common English usage patterns.

A complex sentence consists of an independent clause and a dependent clause. We know that the first part of a sentence is an independent clause because it can work well as an independent sentence.

Independent proposals may stand alone as a complete proposal. Dependent clauses cannot.

Furthermore, the CS Generator tools come with free online updates that you can get automatically on your account page after your purchase the product.

How it Works

This generator is easy to use. Simply enter your name, choose the type of sentence, select a tense and the number of words in the sentence, and then hit “Generate Sentence.”


  • Generates complex sentences
  • Supports 47 different languages
  • Has a variety of sentence styles
  • Easy to use and understand interface


  • Only works with 3 to 7 words long sentences
  • Only comes with the English language preset


ezrewriter website image

Ezrewriter offers the traditional type of sentence online generators that most people are familiar with. You can choose from first person to third person, past or present. Your sentences are generated one by one, so you can get a clear picture of how your writing will look once you start working on it.

It produces a total of 90 words per minute, which is pretty good. At this rate, creating a complete sentence should take around 3 minutes.

Your output will be formatted in standard English, so there won’t be an issue with mastering the language down the line. generates compound and complex sentences for any writing activity you are working on.

With its state-of-the-art writing style algorithm, ensures you will never struggle with writing a complex sentence again.

No matter what kind of essay or document you need to write, comes in handy for generating a solid foundation for your finished product.

The sentences are simple, and there are no advanced sentence structures or unusual vocabulary words. Furthermore, you may find some grammatically incorrect or inappropriate for business writing.

With our passive to an active converter, you can recognize sentences written in the passive voice and, if necessary, change them to the active voice, making the corrections recommended by the tools.

However, if you’re looking for a few practice sentences to help build your vocabulary or increase your reading comprehension, it’s worth checking out to see if anything on the list strikes your fancy.

How it Works

Type in a sentence into the box. Ezrewriter will remove words from the sentence, one by one. It will keep your original sentence structure intact. You can play around with the format and parts of speech options, allowing you to experiment with different words and phrases.


  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Basic tools and features


  • The quality of the writing depends greatly on the sentence creator, which means that some may be grammatically incorrect or inappropriate for business writing.


We’ve come a long way since the days of the simple sentence generator. In 2022, there are dozens of complex sentence-free online generators to choose from, making finding the best complex sentence generator just as easy as finding the best dictionary.

The only thing you have to do is develop an eye for quality and dabble in your “hobby” of choice — grammar, writing, or reading. Then, you’ll know exactly what you need.

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