Math Bulletin Boards: 49 Visual Assistants For Mathematics

Math bulletin boards are essential educational tools that are both fun and interactive. These boards teach math concepts in an interesting, relatable, and memorable way.

Bulletin boards prove that math is not confined to textbooks but is part of everyday life.

If you are looking for math bulletin board ideas for your class, here is a list of 49 math-themed bulletin boards.

1. Math Talk

bulletin board calculator

First on the bulletin board ideas is Math Talk. This cute board provides learners with different keywords for addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. Math talk improves learners’ ability to solve word problems.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

2. Solving Equations

This fun bulletin board is perfect for teaching pre-algebra and algebra lessons to 7th and 8th graders.

Students choose their favorite teams and then refer to a worksheet for four random equations. The use of offensive and defensive players motivates students to solve algebra equations.

Example: Faculty Kutztown

3. Problem-Solving Strategies

Math is pretty much about solving problems. This is why you should create a bulletin board that organizes strategies on how to solve math problems. A quick glance at the board may help students remember math strategies or regroup to organize their facts.

Example: Pinterest

4. Wanted Polygon

addition equation on rectangle shape board with colored pencils

This fabulous bulletin board idea is ideal for a math classroom as it teaches geometrical concepts. Have your students create the wanted poster, assign a shape or allow them to choose one, then ask them to describe its attributes.

This math-themed bulletin will help your students remember the features of different shapes. It will also be a fun learning method instead of cramming definitions. Besides, you can reward every correct answer.

Example: Pinterest

5. Make Mistakes

Students make an effort to avoid mistakes when learning. However, you can turn this around by making mistakes to help them learn. Pin several questions with mistakes on the board to check whether your students can pinpoint them.

Example: Instagram

6. New Year’s Matholution

We set math goals every year. But you can hype the New Year’s resolutions by featuring a Matholution. Have each student write down their resolution and display this on the bulletin board. This will motivate learners to achieve their math goals.

Example: Pinterest

7. Make A Timeline

bulletin board clock

Teach time concepts to students using paper plates. Help learners draw clocks on the paper plates and indicate what happens at a specific time. For instance, you can highlight that students get to school at 8:00 am and leave at 2:00 pm.

Example: Kids Activities Blog

8. Place Value

Some learners have trouble identifying the correct place value of numbers from billionths to billions. Adding this board can help students learn place value concepts in a simplified way.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

9. Number Line

Teach math concepts such as integers, absolute value, and number comparison with a vertical number line. This board helps learners add and subtract integers.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

10. Shape Monsters

colorful bulletin board with square and heart shapes

Creating shape monsters is among the fun bulletin board ideas on this list. Encourage students to create monsters using different shapes. Then, ask them to identify each shape they used.

Example: Twinkl

11. Solve The Snowman

This is a super-fun and cute bulletin board for math problem-solving. The snowmen’s bodies feature math problems you want students to solve, while the hats contain the correct answers. You can also have additional interactive activities at the bottom of the board.

Example: Pinterest

12. Think You Don’t Need Math

Remind students of the importance of math with this bulletin board. It lists the numerous occupations that require one to be good at math. Having this reminder in a math class can motivate students to improve their grades.

Example: Pinterest

13. Cubes and Cube Roots

male with teacher in math class with book

Teach cube and cube roots to 7th-10th grade students with this eye-catching math board. It helps students identify and memorize the perfect cubes and cube roots.

Example: My Math Resources

14. Boggle Math

This math bulletin board facilitates engagement and critical thinking. The board features random numbers on the grid, which learners use to create number sentences.

Example: The Routy Math Teacher

15. In Love With Lines

Who said math and Valentine do not mix? This math bulletin board teaches students all math signs, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and equals. Ask your students to draw these math signs on pink or red foldable papers, then display them on the wall.

Example: Pinterest

16. Go Scientific

multiplication table image

Incorporate science into your math lesson by featuring a periodic table. The only difference is this periodic table will feature elements of math, not science. In your table, include math vocabulary in terms of geometry, angles, shapes, and calculation methods.

Example: Pinterest

17. Math Snowman

This bulletin board teaches shapes, numbers, and math concepts in a fun and engaging way. It is easy to prepare and helps learners practice their math skills.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

18. Math Facts Master

This is a must-have interactive math bulletin board for teachers looking to track student progress. The board helps learners improve multiplication facts and math fluency.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

19. Math Word Walls

Maths word with graph images

Set aside a wall or walls specifically for math reference. You could include resources about angles, graphs, fractions, or whatever lesson you are covering at the time.

As great as word walls are in teaching vocabulary and spelling, they will also prove effective in teaching math vocabulary words.

Example: Pinterest

20. It’s Not Odd to Be Even

These math-themed bulletin boards teach the difference between odd and even numbers. Have your students place numbers accordingly on the board.

Example: Pinterest

21. Classroom BRIGHTS Number Line

This interactive math bulletin board features two background versions to save ink. The number line is suitable for learners in Pre-K – 3rd-grade levels.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

22. Let’s Talk Math

girl solving complex math problems on blackboard

Another great idea for a math classroom is Let’s talk math. The featured word bubbles help drive math discussions to promote math language.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

23. Mushroom Multiplication

This math bulletin board is a beautiful way to teach students about multiplication. Ask your students to create a mushroom or provide templates. Next, ask them to multiply their assigned math problem on the mushroom and fill the correct answer below the flap.

Example: Supply Me

24. Measurement And Growth Chart

Start the school year with a fun activity using this math bulletin board. Kids will enjoy measuring their growth at the start and end of the year. What’s more, they can have fun measuring their favorite animals on the chart.

Example: Supply Me

25. Spring Circle Tree

female teach in geometry class

Help your students learn geometry with this fun activity. Ask your learners to create circle leaves, then label the radius, diameter, and chord. Also, teach how to calculate diameter from the radius of the circle.

Example: Supply Me

26. Spooky Spiders

This Halloween-themed bulletin board is another fun way to teach a math class. Designed by a kindergarten teacher, this bulletin board helps learners count by tens, practice color words, and more.

Example: Supply Me

27. Math Puns

Creative math puns also make great bulletin board ideas for a classroom. These funny math posters will provide students enrichment throughout their school year.

Example: Teachers Pay teachers

28. Oh Good Graph

graphs on whiteboard in class

This interactive math bulletin board keeps kids interested when filling their graphs. The math board uses personal data to keep kids hooked.

Example: Supply Me

29. Math Is All About…

What does math entail? This bulletin board allows you to have an engaging math talk with your students. This board encourages students to become creative, make mistakes, find solutions to math problems, justify their methods, and work with others.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

30. Everyday Math

This math bulletin board helps students learn how they use math in their everyday life. Whether they are engaged in dancing, baking, music, traveling, or going for a ride, math concepts are always in the picture.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

31. Fraction Bulletin Board

pie chart with clock image

Second-grade-level kids may find fractions challenging, confusing, and elusive. This fun and creative Valentine’s pizza activity teaches sequencing, fractions, and writing. Besides, every kid loves pizza, and incorporating pieces of pizza in a math class will prove effective.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

32. Math Alphabet

The alphabet features 26 letters. Transform these letters into math concepts for your math class. For instance, the A could stand for Addition, Algebra, Area, Algorithm, or whatever concept you see fit. Get creative or ask your students to chip in.

Example: Instagram

33. Counting Bulletin Board

Motivate your elementary students to count by featuring a counting bulletin board. Once your learners can correctly identify and count numbers, use the same math board to teach them how to write numbers.

Example: School Girl Style

34. Sudoku Puzzle

solving sudoku riddle

Solve Sudoku puzzles in the classroom. Sudoku is among the most interactive and competitive bulletin board ideas on this list. However, make sure the puzzle board is compatible with your student’s learning level.

Example: Activity After Math

35. Math Scrabble

Come up with math terms with the scrabble creative board. This board will help you teach students math vocabulary in a fun way. Award points for longer and unique words.

Example: Pinterest

36. Magic In Math

What if math concepts were magical? They could if you made them. Hang up a few math problems on the bulletin board and ask students to solve them. Help your students equate solving the problems to understanding the magic in math.

Example: Instagram

37. Math Pictures

math equations calculations mathematical figures on board

Add cute math graphics on your math bulletin board. Cute pictures of shapes can help students remember their different characteristics. You can also use cute graphics when teaching addition or subtraction concepts.

Example: Instagram

38. Find Word Problem

Many times we ask students to provide answers to a math problem. However, you can provide your class with an answer and ask them to create a word problem whose answer you have provided. Doing so will promote their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Example: Instagram

39. Build a Polygon

This frozen-themed bulletin board helps students fit different pieces to create a polygon, not a snowman. By fitting the pieces, your students can create trapeziums, pentagons, hexagons, and more. In doing so, geometry lessons will prove fun and engaging.

Example: Patti Wagon

40. The Fridge

note post on fridge for reminders

Celebrating your students’ success should be part of bulletin board ideas. Create a ‘Fridge’ where you display your learner’s awesome work. Not only will this encourage students to do more, but it will act as a reminder that you recognize their hard work.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

41. Statistics Suits

This fun bulletin board is designed for upper elementary kids. Teachers can help students learn range, mean, mode, and median with the provided cards.

Example: Better Bulletin Boards

42. Rock At Math

Include how to Rock at math in your bulletin board ideas too. Provide students with creative ways to excel in math. This ready-to-use board is perfect for parents and teachers.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

43. Time Conversions

elementary students smiling in class

Early elementary students have trouble understanding the time concept. Including a time conversion bulletin board can help them understand the length of a minute, hour, day, month, or year.

Example: My Math Resources

44. Mitten Match

Another idea for bulletin boards is the Mitten match. This board uses mittens to teach numbers and matching to elementary kids.

Example: Instagram

45. Who Are Mathematicians?

Who are Mathematicians also makes it on this list of excellent bulletin board ideas. This math board outlines who mathematicians are. You can list your descriptions or ask your students to write who they think mathematicians are.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

46. What’s The Pattern?

teacher teaching students with shape subject

This fabulous bulletin board idea teaches students about Pascal’s triangle and number patterns. Some numbers are prefilled, while others require a learner’s input.

Example: Faculty Kutztown

47. Operation Equation

This cute bulletin board encourages students to move and place different numbers across the equation grid as they see fit.

Example: Learn with Math Games

48. Grade Level Signs

Decorate your bulletin board with these grade-level signs. Each sign features math topics to be covered during that school year.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

49. Math Talk Posters

Last on our list of bulletin board ideas is Math Posters. This board encourages math talk. The featured posters have easy-to-follow prompts to help students solve a problem and share their progress with their peers.

Example: Teachers Pay Teachers

Watch this YouTube video about how to put together a math class bulletin board:

Jump In: You could always use an easel to create wonderful class boards, too! Your students will appreciate the experience of using one if they are encouraged to add their ideas. Check out my top list of teachers’ easels here — 7 Best Teachers’ Easels For Classroom Use That Will Revolutionize Your Teaching.

Final Thoughts

At this point, you must have found a few bulletin board ideas that are perfect for your class and students. Each of the above math bulletin boards is an excellent resource for teaching math. They are both fun and interactive.

As a teacher, which math bulletin boards have worked for you so far? We would love to read your teaching experiences and ideas in the comment section below.

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