Top 13 Thanksgiving Activities For School

Thanksgiving activities for school offer a perfect way to spend the holiday with your friends and family. From crafts and card making to games and races, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during this particular time of the year.

Most schools will be planning their own Thanksgiving activities for high school students. We’ve got you covered whether you’re searching for fun Thanksgiving activities for kids, instructors, or parents.

This blog post will assist you with all of your school’s Thanksgiving activities for elementary students. Here is a list of fun Thanksgiving activities you may do to make this holiday enjoyable.

1. Making a Thanksgiving Basket

thanksgiving baskets using paper and other materials

This is an easy and enjoyable project that may be carried out with the assistance of instructors.

You may supply all of the supplies required for this exercise, such as tissue paper, yarn, and other items.

You may turn it into a competition by separating the pupils into teams and having them design their baskets.

2. Thanksgiving Song

On this great day, sing your favorite songs and enjoy them with your family or friends at home or school. Several songs may be sung during elementary Thanksgiving activities. You may choose to participate in a group activity, play the music and dance, or sing it aloud.

3. Thanksgiving Play

This is an intriguing choice for pupils in lower grades, and it will be enjoyable for both instructors and students. Teachers may have students write their own Thanksgiving plays about Turkey, Pilgrims, Indians, or any other roles they choose to play.

thanksgiving play in school

They may prepare their scripts ahead of time and then perform them on this particular day with costumes, theatrical props, and make-up, among other things.

4. Thanksgiving Crafts

On this critical day, create some easy crafts and turn them into pleasant and fun middle school Thanksgiving activities for both kids and instructors.

This may be a fantastic chance for kids to acquire new skills such as sewing, knitting, crochet, sketching, and various others.

5. Thanksgiving Meals

thanksgiving meal for children with teacher

This is the most popular choice, and it will be enjoyable for everyone involved, particularly the kids. You may assign students to make Thanksgiving meals in groups or individually, with assistance from parents or other relatives.

You may force kids to learn new recipes and culinary techniques while making this special day dinner at school or at home.

6. Thanksgiving Basket/Box

This is an excellent opportunity for children to create a wonderful basket or box for their teacher on this important day. They may decorate it creatively to make it one-of-a-kind. Children may even use it to deliver gifts to their teachers on this day or any other occasion. This may be a fun activity for teachers and students of different grades.

7. Thanksgiving Envelope

thanksgiving envelopes for kids

This is another easy and enjoyable exercise that may be carried out with the assistance of instructors. Teachers may give all of the supplies needed, and children might be asked to construct a Thanksgiving envelope for their teacher.

They may incorporate notes and present items to make them appear more lovely and unique.

8. Thanksgiving Card

Do some creative Thanksgiving activities for middle school with your children to make a wonderful postcard or invitation card for this memorable day by following the directions below:

  1. Design your own Thanksgiving card or invitation.
  2. Adorn it with stickers, ribbon, glitter, and other embellishments.
  3. Write the message and make it appear as distinctive as possible.
  4. Send it to the instructor with a message or a present item and a letter wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving.

9. Thanksgiving Pageant/Play

thanksgiving play in school with teacher narrating

This is another enjoyable activity that both instructors and students may do together on this special day at school or at home. It will be a fantastic exercise for all pupils to learn and develop their abilities such as acting, singing, dancing, creating puppets, etc.

10. Thanksgiving Day Parade

This is another enjoyable activity that children may participate in at school or home on this special day. Students may decorate their classroom or school with various materials and intriguingly arrange them to catch the attention of all their instructors and parents.

11. Pumpkin Carving

This is one of the most memorable Thanksgiving classroom activities teachers frequently conduct with their children. This exercise is also relatively easy to carry out; you are set to start if you have a pumpkin lying around the classroom.

You may use real pumpkins or fake ones made of plastic in your Thanksgiving lesson plans.

This is if real pumpkins are not accessible at your school, but children will enjoy them anyway since they appear like real pumpkins.

12. Thanksgiving Bingo

This is among the fun Thanksgiving learning activities for students that can be readily arranged with the assistance of a teacher. It must be completed as a class exercise, but it may also be completed independently if time allows in class or at home.

Several bingo game varieties may be used for this exercise, but we will highlight one of them here:

Jingle Bingo

This is simple and requires little creativity in terms of what photos should fit into each slot on the bingo board, so you may include pictures of turkeys, pumpkins, ham, and so on to make it more exciting.

13. True or False Trivia Quiz

Teachers can make students answer questions related to Thanksgiving such as true or false statements. This includes “Pilgrims came here before Columbus discovered America”. In this case, America means land of milk and honey.

There are others like this for which they will have to use their knowledge about Thanksgiving. The first student who gives out all answers correctly wins the game.


Teachers can also make it a team activity by organizing them to share the excitement and fun of Thanksgiving in class. It is good to make the day fun and enjoyable by ensuring that students have a good time with the best Thanksgiving lesson plans.

Many other things can be done on Thanksgiving day. The tips mentioned above and tricks are only some things teachers can do to make it their students’ best Thanksgiving Day ever.

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