22 Most Creative Ideas For Back To School Bulletin Boards

With the end of the summer right around the corner, teachers have a lot on their plate to welcome their new classroom – including the all-important, ‘welcome back to school’ bulletin boards.

A colorful bulletin board can be a fun idea for welcoming a new classroom and breaking the ice with them. However, designing an awesome bulletin board can be tricky.

Thus, we thought why not help you by bringing you some fun last-minute school bulletin board ideas for both, pre-k (kindergarten) classrooms and high school classrooms.

So, without further ado, here is our list of top 21 back to school bulletin board ideas.

Top 22 Back To School Bulletin Board Ideas

1. A Grape Bunch Bulletin Board

school bulletin board pictures design

A play on the word great, a grape bunch is a super easy and yet, fun bulletin board.

The grape bunch is a colorful way of welcoming a new class of kindergarten to a new school year. But you wanna know the best part?

Fun Fact:

You can write down your students’ names on each grape making the year-long process of learning student names even easier!

2. Tiny Seeds Grow Bulletin Board

A teacher favorite, the Tiny Seeds Grow idea is a super cute school bulletin board idea and a way of welcoming a new year with a new class.

Easy to make, and design-wise creative, this bulletin board can be used to welcome students from any grade level.

Its simple bright colors not only save teachers time but also make it a good bulletin board to welcome students on their first day.

3. Amazing Things Happen Here Bulletin Board

school bulletin board design

A simple but cute collection of words, the Amazing Things Happen Here is a cool school bulletin board. Though a simple bulletin board display, it opens up a range of possibilities to get creative with it.

Fun Fact:

To make this fun bulletin board all you need is big block letters printed in a legible font, some cardboard or construction paper, some free resources available at school, and voila.

4. Mindset Bulletin Board

Want a bulletin board that is both, creative and also serves as an inspiration? Then the Mindset bulletin board is the bulletin board display you have been searching for all this week.

An easy bulletin board to make, this ‘back to school’ bulletin board does not only teach students about the world but also gives teachers a fun way to welcome students back to school.

Fun Fact: Once used to welcome the students.

These back-to-school bulletin boards can also be reused for your school bulletin board to keep the spirits high.

5. 10 Ways To Get People To Like You Bulletin Board

school bulletin board inspiring goal design

We all know the beginning of a school year can be a tough time for students, especially for the newcomers in kindergarten who may have no friends in the class. Well, the 10 Ways To Get People To Like You bulletin board display is a fun idea to help a student with exactly this.

It’s simple, relevant to the beginning of the school, and promotes feelings of empathy amongst new students in a classroom. What else would we want right?

6. Joy Bulletin Board

Looking for some fun school bulletin board ideas that can work for students in any grade?

Well, here is a cool idea to start the school: the Joy bulletin board. This bulletin board idea is a cute and simple way to welcome your students back to school.

All you need to recreate this rather easy school bulletin board is a blank board, some cardboard or construction paper, some markers, and a bit of imagination.

And there you have it, a fantastic bulletin board and a fun activity to start school.

7. Colorful Year Bulletin Board

welcome to back to school decor on white board

Colorful and decorative at the same time, this back to school bulletin board has a cute message that all our students would love to hear.

8. Math Bulletin Board

The Math bulletin board is easily one of the most creative school bulletin board ideas we have to offer on our list.

9. Matter Bulletin Board

Another creative take on school bulletin board ideas, the Matter bulletin board is a great way to decorate your classroom for new students.

Though not suitable for every grade, this bulletin board is both, funny and informative.

10. Grow Your Mind Bulletin Board

student thinking image in class

Number 10 on our list of the top 21 back to school bulletin board ideas is the Grow your mind bulletin board.

One of the easiest bulletin board ideas to execute, these simple bulletin boards around the school, or in a classroom, are all you need to kick-start a great year.

11. This Is Your Year Bulletin Board

Easily one of the best back to school bulletin board ideas, the This is your year bulletin board can be the perfect addition to your classroom.

A simple but vibrant idea, this back to school bulletin can add a lot of personality to your class if executed the right way.

12. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Bulletin Board

star school bulletin board design

The Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star is a must-have back to school bulletin board if you are a grade school teacher.

Easy for the little ones to understand, this bulletin board idea combines one of the children’s favorite poems with a back to school spirit we would all love to have in our class.

13. Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom Bulletin Board

Like the idea mentioned above, the Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom bulletin board takes a fun spin on the back to school activities.

Using lighthearted rhyme, this back to school bulletin board can get your kindergarten students excited in no time.

14. We Are Going To Have A Ball Bulletin Board

We are going to have a ball is easily one of the most colorful and attractive back to school bulletin board ideas we have to offer.

The message of this board is short and sweet just like the gum balls it reminds us of.

15. Dinosaurs Bulletin Board

dinosaur school bulletin board ideas

Another fun back to school bulletin board for your class is the Dinosaurs bulletin board. Using the idea of dinosaurs” extinction, this bulletin board can be a really easy way to lighten up the mood on the first day of school.

16. Spongebob Bulletin Board

Looking for bulletin board ideas that appeal to both, parents and students, well, the Spongebob bulletin board is just the right thing for you.

17. Ice Cream Bulletin Board

Combining the sweetness of the ice cream with the back to school feeling, we can easily see why the Ice cream bulletin board has the potential to be a major hit in your class.

18. Owl Bulletin Board

owl school bulletin board idea

Another great back to school bulletin board, the owl bulletin board combines our favorite bird and our favorite pun in one brilliant bulletin board display.

19. Hulk Bulletin Board

What do you get when you combine the kids’ favorite green superhero with a back to school bulletin board, the Hulk bulletin board. Equal parts colorful, and fun.

20. Sea Bulletin Board

Having covered all kinds of animals, number 19 on our list is the Sea bulletin board.

With the fishes having the students’ names written on them, this bulletin board can be an instant hit with our kindergartners.

21. Emoji Bulletin Board

A cool and easy-to-design bulletin board, the Emoji bulletin board is a great way to decorate your classroom for the new year and welcome the young ones.

22. Rainbow Bulletin Board

rainbow bulletin board design

Last, but not least, we have the Rainbow bulletin board. The bulletin board above is hands down one of the cutest school bulletin board ideas you will come across on any website today.

Jump In: You could always use an easel to create wonderful class boards, too! Your students will appreciate the experience of using one if they are encouraged to add their ideas. Check out my top list of teachers’ easels here — 7 Best Teachers’ Easels For Classroom Use That Will Revolutionize Your Teaching.


As we can see, there is no shortage of ideas in the bulletin board world all of which seem to offer fun stuff. Moreover, with school time just a month away, these bulletin board ideas are easy to create. You do not need to visit a website or, follow complicated instructions. All you need is a simple theme, some paper, a few markers, and a little bit of creativity.

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