Best Webcams for Online Teaching: Top-Rated Options for Remote & Hybrid Learning Setup

External webcams are powerful tools for the online teacher. It’s also a great addition to the virtual or hybrid classroom.

Having said that…

The best webcam for online classes will have a built-in ring light and microphone at a modest price. My top choice is the Vitade 960A USB Pro Computer Web Camera based on these criteria. 

Now let’s get into the online teaching webcam reviews. 

The Top Webcams Reviewed

1. Vitade 960A USB Pro Computer Web Camera – Best Overall

Vitade 960A USB Pro Computer Web CameraThe best webcam for online teaching is the Vitade 960A USB Pro Computer Web Camera. It has an 80-degree wide-angle lens and provides high-quality video. As a result, it’s a top choice often used by Twitch and Youtube streamers. 

One of the standout features of the webcam is the built-in ring light.

The light has touch controls and three brightness settings for use in low-light environments or even at night. 

The webcam also features autofocus which will ensure that your face or other details are never blurry. In addition, the built-in dual microphones will pick up your voice clearly even if you move around while teaching.  


  • Affordable
  • 1080p with crisp video quality
  • Built-in ring light with three levels of brightness
  • Dual microphone 


  • Slightly lower video quality than higher-end models


The best webcam for teachers is the Vitade 960A USB Pro Computer Web Camera because of its video quality and built-in ring light. If it’s good enough for Twitch and Youtube streamers, it’s an excellent choice for teachers. 


2. NexiGo N930AF Webcam – Best for Beginners

NexiGo N930AF Webcam

For teachers who are just beginning to teach online, another low-cost option is the NexiGo N930AF Webcam. It has a slightly more limited field of view at only 65 degrees and lower image quality than the top choice.

While this camera isn’t the go-to for professional streamers, the video quality is more than sufficient for online teaching.

However, there is no built-in light, so you will need to make sure that you have plenty of natural sunlight or other light sources. 

The NexiGo tends to pick up background noise more than other models, which is best used in quieter settings. Therefore, it’s best avoided in a blended or hybrid learning environment because the classroom’s background noise will not be muffled. 


  • Most budget-friendly
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Privacy cover included


  • Picks up background noise


If you’re just beginning to teach an online class or tutoring part-time and want a cheap camera to get started, then the NexiGo N930AF Webcam is an excellent option for you. The price fits even the tightest budget and offers quality video and sound that is perfect for 1-on-1 or small group classes.  


3. Logitech StreamCam – Best Quality

Logitech StreamCam

The Logitech StreamCam is a handy USB webcam for teachers who want to invest in high-quality equipment. The higher price tag comes with a plethora of desirable features such as high resolution, crystal clear video quality, facial tracking, image stabilization, and smart auto-focus.

This camera is perfect for teachers who teach exclusively online.

It’s also an excellent option for those teaching in hybrid or blended learning environments because the built-in microphone filters background noise. 

The model is one Logitech webcam that can be used with Logitech Capture, which is software that allows the user to add text, filters, effects, and borders. It’s also possible to adjust the audio, aspect ratio, and other settings as well. 

Unfortunately, the Logitech StreamCam does not have a built-in ring light, but it does have impressive low-light capabilities. 


  • 1080 with high-quality color vibrancy
  • Facial tracking, image stabilization, and noise reduction filter
  • Works with Logitech Capture
  • Available in 2 colors: white and graphite 


  • Expensive


If you want to invest in a more professional webcam, then the Logitech StreamCam is the one for you. The top quality is perfect whether you’re working fully remote or in a noisy hybrid classroom. 


4. Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam – Best for Vlogging

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam

Youtube is chock full of teacher vlogs. I’ve enjoyed watching other teachers set up their classrooms while grading papers on the couch. 

Maybe you’ve been considering starting your own Youtube channel, but you don’t want to spend lots of money on a fancy camera and equipment. 

The good news is that you don’t have to drop hundreds of dollars. The Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam is the perfect multi-purpose tool. It’s the best webcam for online classes and your future youtube channel. 

The 1080op camera provides a sharp image, but the ring light is the star of the show. While the Vitade 960A has three brightness settings, the Razer Kiyo can be twisted like a dial so you can adjust to the exact amount of light you need. 

One flaw of the microphone is that it can muffle sounds. For best results, pair the Razer Kiyo webcam with an external microphone. 


  • 1080p with excellent image quality
  • Adjustable ring light


  • Lower quality built-in microphone


The Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam is comparable to other models, which means you get many of the same features. However, the price is far more reasonable than vlogging cameras which makes it a great choice for any up-and-coming “teacher tuber.”  


5. Dell UltraSharp HDR 4K with Privacy Cover – Best for Streaming

Dell UltraSharp HDR 4K Webcam with Privacy Cover

If you’re an educator who teaches remotely full-time, then the Dell UltraSharp HDR 4K Webcam with Privacy Cover is a match for you. It’s a high-quality webcam that comes at a high price, but it’s well worth it.

The Dell webcam boasts the highest image quality as it’s the only camera on the list that captures 4K video. It can also be set to capture 1080p or 720p, and the frames per second can also be adjusted. 

The field of view can be set to 65, 78, or 90 degrees. The camera also has face tracking and auto-framing that will keep your face centered at all times. 

The Dell UltraSharp does not have a built-in microphone or built-in lights. To get the most out of it, you may consider purchasing a separate microphone and lights as well. Pros

  • 4K video
  • AI auto-framing and auto-focus
  • Lots of options for custom settings with accompanying software
  • Privacy cover included


  • Most expensive 
  • No microphone 


The Dell UltraSharp HDR 4K is a smart choice for teachers willing to invest money to transform a spare office into a long-term virtual classroom. The high price can be worth every penny for educators who teach online full-time. 


What to Look For in a Webcam

webcam with laptop

Laptops and tablets have built-in webcams, so it’s easy to think that external webcams are more or less the same. However, that is not the case. While built-in webcams are appropriate for a simple video call or even more complicated video conferencing, teachers may have more specific needs. 

However, if you’re not a tech-savvy teacher, you may find using one intimidation.

If that’s the case, you can find a handy guide to using an external webcam here.

When shopping for a webcam, you should keep the following criteria in mind.

Video Quality

Built-in and external webcams have different HD p. A higher p number means the quality of the video is also higher. Laptop webcams are often only 720p. Every webcam on our list is 1080p or more, so using a stand-alone camera will noticeably improve your video quality.


Laptop cameras do not come with any lighting, so you will have to rely on natural or artificial light. So webcams come with built-in ring lights. You could benefit from any additional light if you work in a low-light environment or if you need to record and stream video at night. 

A built-in ring light is also an appropriate choice for teachers who plan to make content for social media such as YouTube in their spare time. You don’t have to invest in fancy studio lighting when a handy ring light will do that trick. 


Anyone who has taught online classes has probably had issues with their laptop’s built-in microphone. Therefore, it’s important to keep microphones in mind when webcam shopping. 

Some cameras have built-in microphones that will filter background noise which is best for teachers in hybrid classrooms who want to make sure that their students at home can hear them clearly. Teachers who live in busy neighborhoods or work from home with roommates, spouses, or small children will also benefit from a webcam with a quality microphone. 

Not all webcams have built-in microphones, but you can easily purchase a budget-friendly microphone that you can clip to your shirt or lanyard as you teach.


A laptop’s built-in webcam is pretty limited in terms of customization. However, purchasing a higher-end webcam can give you access to software that will allow you to add text, frames, and filters or adjust settings such as brightness. 

A webcam with additional software might be desirable for teachers who want to include some details, like the date or class topic during the lesson. 

If you’re not interested in any extra software, then a cheaper model may be a better fit for you. 


Cost is always a factor when selecting tools for your classroom. A higher-end webcam comes with a heftier price tag, especially if you’ll also need to purchase a separate microphone. However, if you have the funds, investing in a quality setup may be worth it. 

If your budget is a little tighter, then look for a more affordable webcam with a quality built-in microphone.

Flip Your Classroom

The best webcam for online teaching will be an amazing tool for teachers who are considering flipping their classrooms.

A flipped classroom essentially reverses traditional instructional strategies. Instead of using class time for lectures and formal lessons, the students watch recorded video lectures made by the teacher and other informational materials at home. Instead of completing homework after school, the students will complete these activities and tasks in the classroom with their peers and teachers. 

There are several benefits to implementing a flipped classroom. 

Students Can Learn at Their Own Pace

Teachers often feel like they’re racing the clock in the classroom. When there’s a finite amount of time to cover a topic or skill, there’s little for answering questions or getting clarification. As a result, students might not be as engaged if they feel like the instruction moves too quickly. 

In a flipped classroom, students can take in the content at their own pace and rewatch it as many times as they need. They can also pause to take notes and write down questions they have.

Teachers Get More One-On-One Time With Students

Because the teacher has activities ready, the students come to class prepared to get started. As the students work, the teacher is free to answer any question that individual students have. The teacher can also float around the room during the class period to check in with students and observe progress. 

Students Get More Time for Collaboration

Because the students spend class time engaged in activities, they have more time to collaborate with their peers. They can spend more time bouncing ideas off each other and asking each other for advice and opinions.

Students Are Encouraged to Come Prepared

With several subject teachers assigning homework, students may become overwhelmed with the work or avoid it altogether. As a result, the student may experience anxiety and disengage from the material. 

In a flipped classroom, the students’ only task is to take in information. Because there’s no activity to complete, students are more likely to engage with the content as it mainly involves watching videos. 

Absent Students Have Access to Lessons

When a student is absent for long periods due to illness or travel, it can often be difficult for them to keep up the same pace as their classmates. However, absent students have access to the same materials and information as the others in a flipped classroom. 

See the video below to see a flipped classroom in action. 

Why Do You Need an External Webcam?

Laptops and tablets have built-in webcams, so it’s tempting to believe that an external webcam provides little added value.

However, that is not the case. While built-in webcams are appropriate for a simple video call or even more complicated video conferencing, external webcams are more desirable for teachers for many setup reasons. 

Upgrading Without Replacing

Lots of teachers are given work laptops from their school or district. These are sometimes a few years old and may have lower-quality built-in webcams as a result. Instead of replacing the whole laptop, you can get high-quality video simply by purchasing a reasonably priced webcam. 


Relying on a built-in webcam means that you can only record video or stream from a table or other large flat surfaces. External webcams, however, give you more flexibility. They often come with a tripod mount which will allow you to situate it where you need.

You can also hold it in your hand in order to show close-ups during lessons, for example, plants, mineral samples, or other minuscule materials. If you wish to record your classroom lecture, you might want to check out this review of the best video camera for classroom recording

Lights, Camera, Action!

The best webcam for teachers is going to be reasonably priced and have a quality microphone and a built-in ring light. Based on the criteria, my top choice is the Vitade 960A USB Pro Computer Web Camera.

This HD webcam’s best features include three different levels of light brightness as well as auto-focus, which will ensure that you’re never blurry. It can also be easily attached to a tripod and used as a document camera for online teaching.

If you do not need extra lighting, then the NexiGo N930AF Webcam is an equally appropriate option.

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