Best Teacher Desks: Clean, Versatile & Modern-Designs for Storage & More Surface Area

If you are a classroom teacher like me, you know how important it is to choose the right desk. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a desk such as the size of your classroom and your budget. 

A teacher’s desk is where all the behind-the-scenes work takes place- grading papers, planning lessons, and analyzing assessment data. 

Here’s the deal:

After comparing a variety of desks, I determined that the best teacher’s desk is the Little Tree L-Shaped Computer Desk. Not only is this desk sturdy and stable, but it also offers a nice workspace for a reasonable price. 

The Top 5 Best Desks For Teachers Reviewed

1. Little Tree L-Shaped Computer Desk – Best Overall

Little Tree L-Shaped Computer Desk

The Little Tree L-Shaped Computer Desk is the best desk for teachers because it is so versatile. As a teacher, I know surface area and storage are critical elements for the type of desk I need to work efficiently. 

The combination of heavy metal legs and a walnut-colored finish gives this desk a modern, clean look. The 55” long top allows room for a computer as well as an area for writing. 


This desk comes with a mobile storage cabinet to match!

Classroom furniture configurations are always tricky, and outlets and computer hookups are sometimes in hard-to-reach locations. If you have a Viewboard or other device connected to your computer, it sometimes feels impossible to position everything functionally.

The versatility of this desk and mobile filing cabinet is the reason it is among the best teacher desks. 

You can use the traditional desk for your computer and workspace and use the additional desk for conferencing with students, organizing paperwork, or even as a landing place for files, textbooks, and more. 


  • Mobile Storage
  • Clean, modern design
  • Sturdy, durable


  •  Assembly may be difficult


If you are looking for the maximum amount of storage and surface area a desk has to offer while still maintaining a relatively small footprint, this desk might be right for you.

The Little Tree L-Shaped Desk is the best teacher desk because it is affordable, functional, and attractive. 


2. Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Computer Desk – Best Corner Desk

Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Computer Desk

The Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Computer Desk is number two on the list with several excellent features for teachers. This L-shaped corner desk is reasonably priced and available in ten different colored finishes.

The counter space on this desk for teachers is enormous- extending nearly 60” in both directions.

One of the advantages of this layout is that teachers can use one side of the desk for their computer and paperwork while having free space for other necessities. 

I would utilize the additional desk area to position my document camera for easy access or use the space to organize my lessons and copies for the week. 

This desk also comes with four USB ports as well as a built-in filing drawer. Another feature is a concealed cabinet hidden by a fluted glass door, making this an optimal space to hide assessment answer keys or your candy jar from the students!


  • Attractive
  • Plenty of desktop space
  • Covered cabinets


  • It takes up more room


The Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Computer Desk is one of the larger, more attractive desks on the list with an L-shaped layout, filing cabinet, and covered cabinet. Moderately priced, this desk gives you the most room to spread out. 

If you use both a desktop computer and a laptop, this desk provides plenty of space to work on multiple projects at once. 


3. VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Stand-Up Desk – Best Standing Desk

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Stand-Up Desk

Are you a modern, techy teacher? This desk might be exactly what you are looking for. With a sit-to-stand option at the push of a button, you can utilize this desk in many ways.

The VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Stand-Up Desk is one of the best teacher desks for virtual or online teachers. You can use the desk in a seated position while planning, then press a button to raise the desk for teaching lessons live from your computer. 

Ranging from 29.5” to 49.6” tall, you can program your preferred height setting. The desk’s surface is over 60”, allowing for dual monitors or additional space for notes or writing.

The only downside of this standing desk is that there is no built-in storage.


  • Available in black or white
  • Adjustable height
  • Small footprint


  • No storage


Vivo Stand-Up Desk is a versatile option that allows teachers to work in a standing or seated position. A quiet motor lifts and lowers so you can select the height of the desk at any time. 


4. Bestar Logan U or L-Shaped Executive Office Desk – Premium Pick

Bestar Logan U or L-Shaped Executive Office Desk

The Bestar Logan U or L-Shaped Executive Office Desk is worth checking out for maximum storage and desktop area. 

This desk is great for teachers because it has a U-shaped design giving you plenty of room to spread out paperwork, conference with students, utilize a document camera, or set up dual computer monitors for virtual instruction or webinars. 

The Bestar Logan desk is also versatile because you can configure it as an L or U shape to meet your needs in the classroom. The other desk can also be used as a stand-alone piece if desired. 

Available in Antigua, Bark Grey, or White Chocolate finishes, this high-end desk also includes a pedestal and a built-in power bar. 2 outlets and 2 USB ports are built into the cabinet for optimal convenience.


  • Various configurations
  • Spacious
  • Lots of storage


  • More costly
  • Large and heavy 


This beautiful executive desk would be an excellent option for teachers in large classrooms or office settings that have more room for bulky furniture. A built-in locked file cabinet and tons of desktop surface area put this piece on the list of best desks for teachers. 


5. Tangkula Folding Computer Desk – Best Value

Tangkula Folding Computer Desk

This desk has some unique features, and it is also an excellent value for anyone on a limited budget. The mobility and space-saving options are the reasons this compact desk made the list. 

Available in brown and neutral, the Tangkula Folding Computer Desk is on wheels, which is helpful for those who need to move or rearrange classrooms regularly. The desktop also folds down, making it the most compact of the desks in this review.  

In the folded position, it transforms into the size of a nightstand. Considering its tiny footprint, it still includes three functional drawers for storage. 

Some teachers, especially primary school teachers, utilize a kidney table more than their desks in their classrooms.

This mobile folding desk is a great option for someone who needs a little extra room for their laptop or additional teaching.

You can position this desk right beside your teacher’s table to add a practical workspace while working with students, then simply expand the top to use the entire desk surface when utilizing your computer after school. 


  • Compact size
  • Affordable
  • Mobile and lightweight


  • Minimal storage 
  • Less attractive 


The Tangkula Compact Folding Computer desk is the smallest of the desks on this list of best desks for teachers. It is the most affordable, comes in two color options- brown and neutral, and offers a fold-down top for added versatility. 


Factors To Consider When Buying A Desk

wooden office table and board

When buying a desk, you need to consider how you plan to use it in your classroom.

Will you use your desk as a podium or pulpit to teach from, or would you prefer a desk that you can use for grading papers and writing lesson plans? 

Consider the value for money spent, quality of materials used, as well as assembly requirements, and the placement of your desk in your office or classroom. 


The desks selected for this review are highly recommended and held up nicely to everyday wear and use. The thick desktop surface of the Little Tree L-Shaped Computer Desk is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. 

Similar to the frame design of the Little Tree model, the VIVO Height Adjustable Desk and the Tangkula Folding Desk all have steel tubing or a steel frame for added support and durability. 


The best teacher desks selected in this review are roughly within the price range of $200 – $1,000. The price tends to increase with added surface area, storage, and features. 

Compared to older styles that require manual labor, the VIVO Height Adjustable desk is electric and uses a motor to raise and lower the desk. You can expect to pay more for this one-touch feature. 


The desks explored in this review all require some level of assembly. Based on my research, I conclude that the Little Tree L-Shaped Desk, the VIVO Height Adjustable Desk, and the Tangkula Folding Computer Desk are easier models for assembly. 

The Bestar Logan U or L-Shaped Executive Office Desk and the Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Computer Desk were deemed more difficult to assemble or too confusing to put together. These two desks were the largest of the bunch, probably making assembly a bit more complicated. 

Depending on which model you choose, you may need to seek help from a friend or the teacher down the hall when it comes time for you to unbox your new teacher’s desk.

Where Should I Put My Teacher’s Desk?

There is no easy answer for where you should put your teacher’s desk in the classroom. There are so many factors! Consider the location of your outlets and any classroom technology, including a Smartboard, projector, and student computers that you will be using. 

I prefer to have my desk and chair at the front of my classroom, but off to the side, facing my whiteboard. I can connect any technology I plan to use for teaching from this position, and while seated at my desk, my back is never to the students. 

If you plan to teach remotely or primarily from behind a computer screen, you may prefer the placement of a stand-up desk in the back of the classroom behind the student desks. 

Positioning yourself at the back of the room is very functional when monitoring students using one-to-one devices. 

Why Do Teachers Need Desks?

Teacher’s need a designated place to research, plan lessons, print materials, and enter grades into the online grade book. The teacher’s desk is their central location for the storage of office supplies and personal items. 

Watch this video for inspiration on keeping your desk tidy:

If you are still uncertain look into Virco products for seating, teacher desks, and flexible seating resources. You may even be thinking about teacher desk alternatives, like using a table in place of a desk.

The Bottom Line

Based on my review, I would recommend the Little Tree L-Shaped Desk as the best teacher’s desk. Not only does it have a clean, modern design, but it should fit nicely in your classroom regardless of the size or style of your existing work environment. 

This desk also boasts well in terms of bang for your buck. The two-piece design gives you the flexibility to configure both components in a way that works best for you. 

From this article, you know there are many types of teacher desks available. Think about your specific classroom needs to determine which desk is suitable for you!

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