40 Best Classroom Door Decorations that Inspire Young Learners

Believe it or not, there is a science to decorating classrooms. Walls that are overcrowded with posters, students’ work and learning aids tend to reduce memory and attention span, according to a study done by psychologists Pedro Rodrigues and Josefa Pandeirada. There is a reasonable amount of decoration that improves performance by up to 16 percent, according to Edutopia, especially for flexible seating classrooms. The consensus is that the classroom walls, and doors, should feel warm and lively but not overcrowded. To avoid it, you can leave 20 to 50 percent of the wall clear and fill the rest with whatever you feel will benefit your students.

Best Classroom Door Decorations

You can create decorations yourself, and even ask your students to contribute items, but everyone appreciates the artwork and graphics of professional posters. You will find 40 examples of classroom door decorations here. I have used several of them to great success. Here’s an overview of the three I like the most.

My Top PickBack to School Banner

Back to School Banner

    • Large letters
    • Includes glue dots
    • Wide application

Best for: These brightly colored words are perfect for a pre-school through the second-grade classroom.

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The letters are each on a single card, so you can arrange them any way you want. They can be hung as vertical words on either side of a door or window or horizontally on the wall above a whiteboard. The package comes with 40 glue dots that will stick the cards to a variety of surfaces and two ropes if you want to hang them on the side of a door. The cards are made from laminated card stock and each card is 9.4 x 11 inches. They are durable enough to be used outdoors. What I like is that they can be used year after year.


Also GreatRead Poster Kit

”Read” Poster Kit

  • Dr. Seuss illustrations
  • 34 pieces
  • Encourages reading

Best for: This is for any elementary classroom where you need to prove the value of reading.

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Dr. Seuss’s illustrations are iconic, and any child who has read one of his books will automatically recognize them. The kit contains 24 paper cut-outs in nine designs and one die-cut 45-inch banner with foil. I like that the images can be separated, so you can create little Dr. Suess vignettes around the room that remind the children in a humorous way to read. If you prefer, you can make one large banner to put in a reading corner or other prominent place.


Also GreatAndmey Pocket Chart

Andmey Pocket Chart

  • Holds A4 files
  • Water-resistant
  • Name-tag windows

Best for. This pocket file is great for any elementary classroom to give access to papers and messages for each student.

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There are many uses for a pocket chart starting with mailboxes for your students. This one has 20 file pockets and six tool pockets, so if you have 30 or more students, you may need two charts. Otherwise, if you plan to use it for the subject matter, 20 will probably be enough. A wall pocket chart can be hung on the back of a door or the wall. It will give a lot of storage space for papers without taking up much-needed space in your classroom.

Now, you will find more details on these three products as well as 37 more classroom decorations that will help you transform your learning space.

  1. Welcome banners →
  2. Motivational banners →
  3. Educational posters →
  4. Cut-outs →
  5. Other Posters and Banners →
  6. Pocket charts →

Welcome Banners

When students enter a new classroom, it’s important for their educational well-being to feel relaxed. Welcome banners send the message that each student is not only welcome in the classroom but also belongs there.

1. Blulu Back to School Door Decoration

Blulu Back to School Door Decoration

This banner includes 14 laminated cardstock cards that have one letter on 12 cards and the words ready andon a separate card each. They are water-resistant and the size is 9.4 x 11 inches. The bright colors and background dots give the letters a party atmosphere. They can be hung with the rope that is included and secured with the 40 glue dots that are also included. The manufacturer recommends this banner for pre-school to high school, but I wouldn’t use it in a high school class. It’s perfect for an elementary school classroom. You could use the word welcome for any occasion and the words ready to learn as an introduction to any lesson.

2. Latoy Welcome Back to School Banners Set

Latoy Welcome Back to School Banners Set

These banners are very similar to the above, but they are two hanging banners with one for either side of the entry door. They also say Welcome Ready to Learn, but not on separate cards. They come with a black background that makes the colored letters pop, or a yellow background that is very festive. They are made of 600D oxford material and very durable. They can withstand rain and wind for a door that happens to exit to the playground. If there is high wind, you may want to add some weight to the bottom or pin it to the wall. There are grommets at the bottom. They come with a rod and rope and are easy to hand indoors or outdoors. The size is 71.6 x 12.6 inches.

3. LioNergy Back to School Welcome Banner

LioNergy Back to School Welcome Banner

These are two vertical banners. One says Welcome in colorful letters and the other says back to school also in colorful letters. The background is black and has small graphics of rocket ships, planets, notebooks, pencils and globes. This is my personal choice because it just says welcome back to school without the expectation of being ready to learn. It may seem like splitting hairs, but I believe children are always ready to learn. It’s up to teachers to teach them what they need to know. It’s made of durable 600D oxford cloth and is water-resistant and wrinkle resistant. The dimensions of each banner are 11.8 x 70.9 inches.

4. Eureka Mickey Mouse Welcome Figures

Eureka Mickey Mouse Welcome Figures

These almost life-size Disney characters are designed to surround a bulletin board or appear to peek around corners. Each figure is 28 x 17.8 inches. They are made of durable card stock and are in full color. This is a great door decoration for pre-school or kindergarten-age children. They can be placed around windows, archways, chalkboards or a hanging pocket chart. They do not come with adhesive, so you need to figure out how to hang them. I use double-sided tape. Be careful when you remove them because they could tear.

5. Creative Teaching Press Classroom Banner

Creative Teaching Press Classroom Banner

This is a single banner with messages on both sides. The illustrations are smiley face emojis. One side says WELCOME and the other side says Read, Think, Learn. The manufacturers recommend you use the WELCOME side for a couple of weeks, then turn it over. The dimensions are 39 x 8 inches, which makes it a bit smaller than the others and can be hung in smaller spaces. It is made of durable paper, but it may not last for years because it could get torn.

6. Blulu Large Fabric Welcome Poster

Blulu Large Fabric Welcome Poster

The poster has several cartoon animals doing school-type things. The bear is doing geometry, the owl is using a magnifying glass, and the hedgehog is playing soccer. The fabric is polyester, and the colors are bright. It has grommet holes on each corner and comes with 20 feet of string. After a week or two, you can fold it for storage and bring it out at the beginning of a new school year for years to come. It’s suitable for hanging on a door, wall, bulletin board or even outdoors.

7. Juvale Store Welcome Banner Signs

Juvale Store Welcome Banner Signs

This is a four-banner set with two welcome banners and two motivational banners. They are made of paper with matte lamination. The dimensions of each banner are 39 x 8 inches. As I mentioned below, I’m not a big fan of motivational banners. For example, this one says BE KIND, WORK HARD. That’s a fine thing to tell older students who know what bullying is and how to study, but from pre-school to first grade, students are just learning what these things mean. If I used a banner like this, I would make it a talking point. Working hard will be different for each child.

8. TREND Enterprises Welcome Owl Stars

TREND Enterprises Welcome Owl Stars

This is a very cute welcome banner with a wavy shape that is a bit different than the other ones. The brightly colored owls and stars are happy and busy. This company has motivational banners and other decorations called TREND’S Owl-Stars Collection that match each other. You can put this on a door or beside a bulletin board or window. It is made of durable cardstock and is 5 feet x 13 inches.

9. GloBal Pass Welcome & Ready to Rule Banners

GloBal Pass Welcome & Ready to Rule Banners

This pack has two banners. You can choose an orange, black or rainbow background. It’s 71 x 13 inches. These banners are colorful and attractive, and they were designed to be visible from a long distance. They are made with high-quality, oxford nylon and are water-resistant and suitable for hanging outdoors. They are pre-assembled and ready to hand right out of the package.

Motivational Banners

Motivational banners are often intended to help a student have the confidence they need to face life’s challenges with courage. I’m very careful of the motivational posters I choose because I don’t think saying Be Happy Now or Anything is Possible means anything without personal experience. I help my students learn to enjoy reading rather than putting Reading Is Fun on a poster. Two of my favorite motivational sayings are:

  • Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken
  • Failure is an important stepping stone to success

Here are six of the most popular motivational banners.

10. Laminated Positive Sayings Decorations

Laminated Positive Sayings Decorations

This is a pack of 24 stars with 12 designs and sayings. You could buy one pack and share it with another teacher. Each star has a motivational and uplifting quote such as DREAM BIG and TODAY IS YOUR DAY. Each star is printed on both sides, so you can hang them from the ceiling. They are laminated for durability and will last for years. Each star is 6 inches high. Since they are individual stars, you can place them around the room as little surprises for children to see when they least expect it. They can also be used for a treasure hunt.

11. Confetti Positive Sayings

Confetti Positive Sayings

This is a pack of 30 circles made of durable cardstock with positive sayings. Each circle is six inches in diameter, and the circles have 10 designs. With this many circles, your class could play a matching game. Otherwise, you can bring them out three or four at a time and rotate the sayings throughout the year. They make good discussion points and each child can decide what the saying means to them. For example, Make Today Great or Make it Happen will mean different things to different children.

12. Motivation Marquee Bulletin Board

Motivation Marquee Bulletin Board

The package contains 53 total letters that spell out several inspirational words. They can be used to create one word or several together. The average total size is five feet square. Each letter is 8 x 8 inches. This set comes with a teacher’s guide to give you ideas on how to use the letters. The letters are on durable cardstock. The package has 32 letters with one for each letter of each word plus dots and stars. You will need double-sided tape to hang them. Students from third grade to sixth grade find the words thought-provoking. Younger kids like the designs and learn to read the letters.

13. Blulu Classroom Motivational Decoration Banner

Blulu Classroom Motivational Decoration Banner

This package has 10 positive sayings printed with brilliant colors on a white background. The cards are differently designed. It comes with two ropes and 40 glue point spots, so you can arrange them any way you want. The largest card is 12.6 x 10.8 inches. The sayings are surrounded by a confetti design. The glue spots are used to fix the card’s position on the rope. Teachers have recommended using these as background for remote teaching.

14. Motivational Classroom Banner

Motivational Classroom Banner

This is also a package of 10 motivational cards that you assemble with an included rope and glue spots. The largest card is 12.6 x 10.8 inches made of 300gsm cardstock that is laminated with PET film. You can use these for years in your classroom. I recommend you display them for a few weeks at a time. In my experience, children tend to ignore posters that are left up too long, but they love to examine anything new.

15. Blulu Two-Pack Motivational Banners

Blulu Two-Pack Motivational Banners

This pack has two banners. One has a list of motivational words like Be Honest and Be Brave. The other says Everyone Has A Chance To Make A Difference. I think these are good motivational banners because they are clear and easy for children to understand. They come with two wooden poles and two ropes to make them easy to hand. Each banner is 12 x 48 inches and made of polyester fabric. They are water-resistant and suitable for outdoors. One has a night-sky background and the other has a daytime rainbow background. The letters are large and easy to read.

Educational Posters

Educational posters are tools for helping students memorize information. They cover a lot of subject areas from high school chemistry to the alphabet. The most commonly seen in elementary school are the multiplication tables, solar system, days of the week or months of the year.

16. Outus Educational Posters

Outus Educational Posters

This pack comes with four posters. It contains one for the days of the week, one for colors, one for shapes and one for months of the year. They are brightly-colored laminated 250gms cardstock. Both sides are laminated, so they will last for years. They are water-resistant and tear-resistant. You can write on these posters with whiteboard pens, crayons and chalk. Each poster is 12 x 17 inches and easy to read from a distance. These are mainly for pre-school and kindergarten classrooms, but the shapes poster may be useful in third or fourth grade for beginning geometry.

17. Blulu Educational Math Posters

Blulu Educational Math Posters

This pack includes 12 different wall posters that cover multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, numbers from one to 100, fractions, percentages, keywords, Roman numerals, place value, time, money and 3D shapes. In other words, just about anything an elementary math teacher would need. They are brightly colored and easy to read 250 cardstock that is PET film laminated on both sides. Water-resistant and tear-resistant, these posters will last for years. You can write on them with water-based markers. Each poster is 16 x 11 inches. The package includes glue dots and individual plastic bags with holes for hanging.

18. Merka Educational Posters

Merka Educational Posters

This package includes 16 large posters for older students. The subjects include the periodic table, parts of the body, solar system, world map and many more. They are 17 x 22 inches and laminated. These brightly colored posters have clear graphics that help make the subject matter clear. You can use one or two for specific lessons and change them as lessons change. They can be stuck to the wall with blue painters’ tape that is less sticky than masking tape and designed not to damage the wall. You can write on them with whiteboard markers.

19. OUNENO Educational Math Posters

OUNENO Educational Math Posters

This pack contains eight different wall posters that are 17.5 x 12 each. They are all about math with all the functions from addition, fractions to place value. There are posters about shapes for beginning geometry. The posters are colorful and easy to read. I especially like math posters because my students constantly refer to them during their work and memorizing becomes automatic. The posters are made of heavy-duty cardstock and laminated on both sides. They are water and tear-resistant and suitable for outdoors. I like to alternate displaying some of the posters, but I leave the addition and multiplication up all year.

20. Outus Speech Posters

Outus Speech Posters

This set contains 10 colorful pieces about the nine parts of speech. One poster has all nine parts of speech on it, and there are nine others each containing one part of speech. Each part of speech also has a definition and an example. The nine individual posters are made of durable paper, laminated with PET film and contain adhesive on the back. The large poster is 15.7 x 11 inches and the smaller ones are 9.4 x 6.3 inches. These posters are water-resistant and you can write or draw on them with water-based markers. With cute animal graphics, these posters are designed to catch the student’s eye.

21. Global Printed Products Educational Posters

Global Printed Products Educational Posters

This package includes 20 extra-large posters on various subjects from the days of the week, math functions, solar system, seasons, animals and much more. It includes a world map and a US map. Each poster has the text in English on one side and in Spanish on the other. The large size is 17 x 24 inches. The graphics are bright colors and well-designed. They are made of paper with a gloss coating for protection. They are durable, but not suitable for outdoors. You can use wet-erase markers to write on the posters but not dry erase markers. Most reviews are about how good they are for homeschooling, but I think they are also good for a classroom.


Cut-outs are tools teachers use to decorate their classroom. They are available in every imaginable subject, suitable for children, from fruits, leaves and flowers, to monkeys, sport’s equipment and holiday-specific themes. They make special decorating quick and easy if you don’t have the time for DIY decorations.

22. Handprints Colorful Cut-Outs

Handprints Colorful Cut-Outs

Printed on durable cardstock, these different colored handprints can be used in several ways. If you want them to last, you will need to have them laminated, but they are inexpensive and make great labels for cubbies, lockers, classroom libraries or arts and craft supplies. The dimensions are 5.5 x 4 inches. The pack includes 42 handprints with six each of green, blue, pink, orange, red, purple and yellow. There are left and right-hand cut-outs and these cutouts are easy to trace, if you want to make more, or if children want to make their own.

23. Creative Teaching Press Cut-Outs

Creative Teaching Press Cut-Outs

Designed like chubby little old-fashioned pencils, these cut-outs come in packs of 108 pieces with 12 each of nine designs. They are six inches long, made from durable cardstock and most useful as labels. They can also be used to highlight information on other posters or to point the way to the playground or assembly room. If you have flexible seating in your classroom, these make great labels for each section such as a listening center, quiet reading beanbag chair or arts and crafts corner. Each pencil is 5.5 x 2 inches.

24. Stars Yellow Cut-Outs

Stars Yellow Cut-Outs

These smiley stars have different colored borders if you want to use them for color-coding. Stars always make a good label or signpost in a classroom. These are made of durable cardstock, but if you want to use them again, you will need to have them laminated. The pack contains 36 assorted stars, each measuring 5.8 x 5.6 inches. They have plenty of room to write a name or other word or phrase as tags for highlighting library books, extra activity sheets and supplies. They also make good labels for children’s mailboxes.

25. Blulu Leaves and Acorns Cut-Outs

Blulu Leaves and Acorns Cut-Outs

These are very cute different styled leaves and acorns made of durable cardboard. The package includes 25 maple leaves, 20 acorns and 60 glue dots. If you like to decorate your room to represent the seasons, these are great cut-outs for autumn. The green, yellow, orange, red and brown leaves and the four different types of acorns provide variety to your display while still suggesting the season. They are 5.9 x 5.9 inches and come with sticky dots for placing on walls, windows and shelves. You can write on them for labels, hang them from the ceiling or create an artistic autumn display. The pack contains an assortment of 45 maple leaves and acorns in nine different styles.

26. Winter Mix Colorful Cut-Outs

Winter Mix Colorful Cut-Outs

As mentioned above, if you like to have seasonal themes, this is a great package for winter. True, winter in some places is warm and sunny, but these cute snowmen and women along with the snowflakes make good talking points for those who don’t experience a white winter. They are made of durable cardstock but need to be laminated to last longer than one or two seasons. The pack contains 36 cut-outs, including 12 penguins, 12 snowflakes and 12 snowmen. The smallest is 4.7 x 5.5 inches and the largest is 4.5 x 6 inches. You can write on them if you want to use them as labels. Penguins are a good talking point because they only live in the southern hemisphere and mainly Antarctica.

27. Hot Air Balloons Colorful Cut-Outs

Hot Air Balloons Colorful Cut-Outs

Hot-air balloons are another welcome site in a classroom. They represent freedom and flying, and these cut-outs make good labels. They are made from durable cardstock, but you have to laminate them if you want them to last more than one year. The pack includes 36 cut-outs with three each of 12 designs. They are approximately 5 x 7 inches and have plenty of room for writing names or other labels. They can be used to make flashcards or children can add them to their artwork.

28. Carson Dellosa – Balloons Colorful Cut-Outs

Balloons Colorful Cut-Outs

Balloons are one of my favorite cut-outs because they bring joy to my students. They are simple but represent fun and special days. This pack contains 36 assorted balloons that can be used individually as labels or decoration, or you can use several together to create an uplifting graphic. Each balloon measures 6 x 5 inches. They can be written on and used as invitation cards to a birthday party. They come in six assorted colors, including light blue, pink, yellow, green, orange and purple. Each balloon is decorated with colorful dots.

29. Hipster Stars Colorful Cut-Outs

Hipster Stars Colorful Cut-Outs

More stars for your classroom. These are called hipster stars because of the bright and unusual designs on the edges. They don’t have smiley faces but have plenty of room for writing names or places, so you can use them on cubbies or desks. The pack comes with 36 assorted stars with three each of 12 designs. Each star measures 5.5 x 5.75 inches. Made from durable cardstock, they need to be laminated if you want them to last for several years.

Other Posters and Banners

Posters and banners brighten up your classroom. Professionally designed posters have attractive animation and graphics that many children like. Just remember, as I mentioned above, don’t overcrowd your classroom. If you have collected hundreds of posters and banners, you can rotate them throughout the year for variety.

30. Eureka Dr. Seuss ”Read” Door Decoration

Eureka Dr. Seuss ''Read'' Door Decoration

This door decoration kit is specifically designed to encourage children to read, and who better to do this than Dr. Suess. The memorable characters include The Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Two. The banner can be hung on a door or put on a wall or bulletin board. The characters are made of heavy-weight card stock and will last for several years. You can use several of the paper cut-outs to create different scenes around your classroom to catch the attention of your students wherever their eyes may wander, and remind them that reading is fun.

31. Eureka Dr. Seuss Back to School Rules Poster

Eureka Dr. Seuss Back to School Rules Poster

This is another DR. Seuss-themed poster. It measures 12 x 45 inches and contains six class rules, including Listen, Raise Your Hand, Be a Friend, Walk Don’t Run, Share and Clean Up. It is printed on heavy-duty cardstock but not laminated. However, if you just hang it on a wall or door for a few months at a time it will last for years.

32. Eureka ”Reading is an Adventure” Door Poster

Eureka ''Reading is an Adventure'' Door Poster

This poster looks like a stack of books on different subjects. It comes with 24 paper cut-outs of 21 assorted decorative pieces and one 45-inch banner. The graphics are intended to encourage reading by suggesting all the fun thing to learn about, and activities to do if you read. It is made of durable, heavy-weight cardstock and will last for several years.

33. Eureka Dr. Seuss Back to School Banner

Eureka Dr. Seuss Back to School Banner

This Dr. Suess banner is 45-inches long and has a specific purpose. It resembles a thermometer that measures the growth of donations towards a specific goal. It could be used to measure anything, but the intention is fundraising. It is printed on heavy-duty cardstock but not laminated.

34. Eureka Peanuts Classroom Banner

Eureka Peanuts Classroom Banner

This is a goal-setting banner that uses the Peanuts characters for inspiration. It doesn’t have goals, just encourage cheers, so your class can set its own goals. Several teachers have recommended it for reading goals. If you laminate it, you can write the goals with a dry erase marker and use it for years. It is 18 x 12 inches and made of durable, glossy cardstock.

35. School Smarts Inspirational Welcome Poster

School Smarts Inspirational Welcome Poster

This is an inspirational welcome door decoration that is suitable for any classroom from kindergarten through high school. It is intended to give students confidence when they enter the classroom by telling them they are important and respected among other things. It is 17.5 x 24 inches and fully laminated. This model has a black background that makes the colored letters pop.

36. Pixar Toy Story Decoration Door Poster

Pixar Toy Story Decoration Door Poster

This is a real favorite among elementary school children and one of my favorites too. It is an inspirational poster with the Toy Story characters that encourage children to Reach for the Sky. The message will have different meanings for each child, which I think is good. Woody and Buzz are two of the most popular cartoon characters of all time, and if they can contribute to any child’s education, I’m all for it. It is made from durable cardstock and has 24 cut-outs, six assorted decorative pieces and one 45-inch banner.

37. Stupell Classroom Rules Poster

Stupell Classroom Rules Poster

As a rule’s poster, this is all right, but I don’t think you can make it a rule to Laugh Often. However, I like encouragement and forgiveness. If you choose this poster, I recommend you discuss the rules with your class, so they understand what they mean. It is 10 x 15 inches and comes mounted on MDF wood ready to hang. One feature this poster has that I haven’t seen before is the different styles of typography art. The change of typography and color tends to highlight each rule and make it easier to read even though there is no space between lines.

Pocket Charts

The name describes this item perfectly. It is a chart you can hang on a door or wall that has small storage pockets. Most charts will hold A4 paper and folders. It has many uses from organizing files to student mailboxes. Most have clear plastic tag holders, so you can slip a label in and change the use of the pockets as you want.

38. Andmey Heavy Duty Pocket Chart

Andmey Heavy Duty Pocket Chart

This water-resistant pocket chart is made of durable polyester fabric and comes with four over-the-door hooks. You can wash it and use it for years. This model has 20 A4-size pockets and six tool pockets at the bottom where you can keep things the children regularly need such as pencils, erasers, staplers, hole punchers and age-appropriate scissors. The full dimensions are 47 x 28 inches. The wall chart can be used not only for storing your papers, but also as a classroom mailbox with one pocket for each child. It has name tag slots. Other uses are storing activity sheets for specific subjects, storing magazines, displaying one or two thin books that you want to highlight, and just about anything else you can think of.

39. Hippo Creation Storage Pocket Chart

Hippo Creation Storage Pocket Chart

This pack has two, black 14 x 47-inch charts with 10 pockets each. The pockets will store A4 paper and folders but not legal-size paper. Each pocket is 13 x 7 inches. It is made of durable nylon with Grade-A stitching work and sturdy grommets. It can be machine washed. The package comes with six over-the-door stainless steel hangers. This is a great space-saver for any classroom. With two in each pack, you could get two packs and have a pocket for each child.

40. Jiatushuma Hanging Storage Organizer

Jiatushuma Hanging Storage Organizer

This package comes with two wall hangings that each have five pockets. You can choose black, blue or gray durable nylon that can be washed. It has reinforced seams. Each wall chart has two grommets at the top, and it comes with four hangers for over a door, but the wall mounts are not included. The pockets are 13.4 x 6.5 x 6 inches and each chart can hold about 200 papers. This is a great space-saver, but with only 10 pockets total, you will need several to have one pocket for each student.

Final Thoughts

I recommend classroom banners, posters, pocket charts and other decorations for teachers because these tools help save time and engage students. Some teachers aren’t enthusiastic about bringing media characters into the classroom, but my experience is it works the opposite too. When children see their favorite characters out of school it reminds them of their classroom.

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