45 Best Classroom Decorations that Support Learning

Classroom decorations can help or hinder a student’s attention. My goal is to explain why teachers need to decorate their classrooms in the right way. Your elementary classroom needs to be lively but not chaotic.

According to studies, elementary level classroom decorations can either distract children or help focus their attention because young children have not developed the ability to block out displays that are not relevant to the current lesson. The general rule is that blank spaces are important, and 20 to 50 percent of the wall space should be bare. You should avoid clutter and resist the temptation to add posters and student’s work. Once you have suitable classroom wall decorations, consider exchanging items for something new you want to display.

Best classroom decorations

However, decorating your classroom can be an effective way to focus children’s attention, especially if you have a flexible seating configuration. This may mean you have to change posters and banners regularly to stay on topic, but with the huge variety of inexpensive visual aids that are available on Amazon, you can cover almost every subject. You can also make your own classroom decorations, but if that’s not an option in your busy day, ready-made ones are great.

Here are my top three picks for classroom decorations

My Top PickTeaching Press Calendar Set

Classroom Calendar Set

  • Clear graphics
  • Dates and climate
  • Interactive

Best for: Suitable for kindergarten to fourth grade

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This is a 67-piece package that contains a calendar chart with 12 monthly headlines, 31 pre-numbered days with four blank days, a days-of-the-week chart and seasons and weather chart. It is intended to be put on a bulletin board, and the daily number can be added each day. Students can keep it updated with the weather of that day as well as the month, date and day of the week. It has cut-outs for warm, hot, cool as well as sunny, foggy, cloudy, windy and rainy.


Also GreatWoodland Friends Bulletin

Woodland Friends Bulletin

  • Educational
  • Cute graphics
  • Optional arrangements

Best for: Elementary classrooms kindergarten to second grade

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This pack comes with 51 separate pieces and includes a welcome banner that can be used separately. It has a woodland theme that includes tents, a mobile home and road signs to different subjects such as reading and arithmetic. The pack has 36 pup tents, seven separate woodland animals, two trees and a blank background chart with dimensions of 17.5 x 24 inches. The pup tents can be used for name labels or word and matching games. These cutouts offer a good talking point to begin a discussion on nature, seasons and ecology.


Also GreatEducational Posters

Educational Posters

  • Brilliant colors
  • All relevant topics
  • Large size

Best for: Pre-school, toddlers and first grade students

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Each poster is 11.7 x 16.5 inches and made of thick cardstock that is coated on one side. The posters are not laminated. They are useful for homeschooling and early-childhood classrooms. They should be hung at eye-level for the children. The hour hand on three of the clocks is inaccurate, but this is easily fixed and shouldn’t be a reason to avoid these colorful posters. I recommend you put them up two or three at a time on similar subjects. For example, put the days and months posters together, the colors and shapes together and the seasons and weather together.

These three are just the top of the long list I have collected to give you a quick idea of what to expect. You can learn more when you have time to peruse the whole blog.

  1. Educational charts and posters →
  2. Classroom banners →
  3. Classroom bulletin board supplies →
  4. Classroom door decorations →
  5. Classroom ceiling decorations →
  6. Classroom rugs →

Educational Charts and Posters

Posters and charts are designed to contain important information in an attractive and eye-catching design. In the classroom, posters help children visualize topics. Educational posters and charts allow young children to contemplate a subject that is being taught.

1. Agantree large educational posters

Agantree large educational posters

These are brightly colored posters that cover 15 different topics. The dimensions are 11.7 x 16.5 inches and the material is thick cardstock that is coated on the front. The numbers and letters are large and easy to read, but the poster shouldn’t be hung too high because it may cause the children to strain to see. The eye level is best, and you can group the posters by subject. Since there are 15 in the package, you can alternate them to keep the material fresh. When the children have seen them all, you can start over and they will be thrilled to see a poster they already know.

2. Murvin laminated educational posters

Murvin laminated educational posters

These posters come with 20 in a pack. They include dates, animals, the human body, vegetables, basic math, the alphabet and numbers and many more subjects. This is a great pack to have so you can use them to support your lesson plans. It’s easy to rotate them to keep them on point. They are colorful, well-designed and attractive. The lessons are clearly presented and the graphics won’t confuse the younger children. They are made of high-quality card stock and laminated on both sides. These posters will last for years, and they are water-resistant and tear-resistant. The dimensions are 11 x 17 inches, and they have an anti-glare matte coating. The set includes stick putty so you don’t have to use pins to hang them, but reviewers say it doesn’t really work well and you should get some double-sided tape if you don’t want to use thumbtacks.

3. Merka educational posters

Merka educational posters

These are more Merka posters with a lot of learning topics for pre-school and kindergarten. The graphics for the letters, numbers and other labels are attractive and cartoonish while the animals, transportation and construction machines are photographic quality. The pack comes with 16 17 x 22 posters that have a thin lamination. They are promoted as tear and water-resistant, but reviewers say differently. These are very attractive, high-quality posters that cover state standard aligned subjects. However, they may not survive a toddler if she plays with them. One interesting thing is there is one poster that shows the facial expressions for different feelings. I probably wouldn’t use that one because it stereotypes people, but you can decide.

4. Laminated educational wall posters

Laminated educational wall posters

Palace Curriculum offers 10 laminated, 18 x 24 inches wall posters that are suitable for older elementary school-aged students. The solar system, USA and world maps, math symbols, instructions for writing the alphabet, the human body and more. It also includes an emotion poster that shows children expressing anger, sadness, happiness, shyness and others. It’s marketed for toddlers and pre-school, but it is definitely for older kids. It’s made of heavily laminated card stock. These posters will last for years. Most of them offer graphics on both sides, one with labels and one without labels.

5. Outus educational math posters

Outus educational math posters

These posters cover the basics of elementary math. The package has eight posters with the four main functions of arithmetic as well as fractions, percentages, US currency and place value. The colors and graphics are designed for early childhood, but fractions and place value are definitely for third or fourth grade. Each colorful poster is 16 x 11 inches. It is made from 250 gsm card stock with double size lamination with high-quality PET film. It is water and tear-resistant and will last for years. Each poster has glue-point dots for hanging on the wall without tacks.

6. Outus educational classroom posters

Outus educational classroom posters

These Outus posters come in sets of three. They include a map of the USA, a map of the world and a diagram of the solar system. They are designed with bright colors and graphics to attract pre-school children, but the topics are more for third and fourth grade. They have fully laminated 250 gms card stock and are water and tear-resistant. You can write on them with whiteboard pens, crayons and chalk, and they are easy to clean. Each poster is 12 x 17 inches. The reviews like the quality and the only complaint is the solar system doesn’t have Pluto. Even though it is no longer classified as a planet, it is part of the solar system.

7. Dosmaxx classroom displays

Dosmaxx classroom displays

These posters are designed for students from kindergarten to high school. The dimensions are 13 x 17 inches, and the posters are made of 250 gms cardstock and laminated on both sides. They are water and tear-resistant and very sturdy. The pack contains 10 posters and two that are not common are the periodic table and the US presidents. The manufacturer recommends you hang them with double-sided tape. The colors and graphics are attractive but not cartoonish, so they are suitable for older students. Only one verified reviewer, but they really liked these posters.

8. History timeline

History timeline

Historia Timelines produces a very good historical timeline. It is 60 x 18 inches and packed with historical data in chronological order. It covers 6,000 years of events including pre-history and answers hundreds of questions. Reviewers report it has spelling errors and typos, but as a general overview of world history it is great. Students who are old enough for this type of poster can adjust for a few mistakes. The manufacturers say they will correct it. It is made of 200 gms of silk paper and will stand up to touching. Even though you can find a lot of history in books, videos and online, it’s great to have this timeline where students can compare timings of civilizations quickly and graphically.

9. Outus parts of speech posters

Outus parts of speech posters

These posters for elementary school students use attractive graphics and fonts to explain the nine parts of speech. The package comes with 10 pieces. One large poster with the parts of speech and one each smaller poster for each part of speech. The large poster is 11 x 15.7 inches and each small poster is 9.4 x 6.3 inches. They are made of self-adhesive paper that is laminated with PET film. You can put them up altogether, but I would use the small posters as a treasure hunt and put them in different places around the room.

Classroom Banners

Banners are best used as a means for announcements. They are often used to welcome students back to school and a new classroom. Other banners have motivational sayings. As you know, I’m very particular about motivational sayings because I think Be Happy is personal, and Reading is Fun needs to be taught, not told. Attractive DIY banners take a lot of time and effort to make, so here are some great ready-made classroom banners.

10. Blulu inspirational banners

Blulu inspirational banners

These two Blulu banners are worth putting up in your classroom. They give a message that is not condescending but motivational. The set includes 40 glue points, so you can hang them wherever you have space on a wall. The dimensions are 9.5 x 61 inches and they are made from laminated paper. Some reviewers felt they were too thin and had the laminated again. They have a black background that makes the colored words pop. I think these impressive banners would make more of an impact if you used them one at a time and not together. With the lamination, they could be hung outdoors for a few days, but the clear glue dots are not very effective and you may need stronger double-sided tape.

11. Sproutbrite classroom decorations

Sproutbrite classroom decorations

These banners are designed to be suitable for pre-school through middle school. The package contains two 13.5 x 39 inches banners. One describes the STEAM curriculum and the other has the letters STEAM. This is like STEM, but with Art added. The company is also making a STEM banner. The paper is thin, but the manufacturers say it is specifically designed to produce the brightest colors. The original had a spelling error, but the manufacturers say they have fixed it. Without being preachy, these banners are inspiring.

12. Sproutbrite posters

Sproutbrite posters

These Sproutbrite posters extol the value of YET. That means you may not be able to read, know your multiplication tables or whatever right now, but you will. The package contains two banners with the same message only with different background colors. As with all Sproutbrite banners and posters, the paper is thinner than card stock but specifically manufactured to provide bright colors. The message is relevant for pre-school through middle school-aged kids.

13. Eureka classroom supplies banners

Eureka classroom supplies banners

This is a goal-setting banner with the Cat-in-the Hat theme. It contains one poster decorated with Dr. Seuse’s characters from the book encouraging the process of reaching the goal. The poster is 12 x 45 inches and is designed to encourage enthusiasm for a particular project. It’s a good way to measure some goals, but I would be careful that it doesn’t foster too much competition and comparison. I would use it as a class goal rather than an individual goal. For example, how many library books did the class read and not how many individuals read.

14. Eureka Peanuts classroom banner

Eureka Peanuts classroom banner

This is another Eureka goal-setting banner. It has the Peanut’s characters along the side to encourage the students at every achievement. It is made of heavy, glossy paper and I recommend you get it laminated. They can write on it with a dry-erase marker and re-use it for years. The dimensions are 45 x 12 inches.

15. Sproutbrite classroom banner

Sproutbrite classroom banner

This is another Sproutbrite banner that encourages teamwork. It gives the reasons students work better when they are supported by a team. The package contains seven pieces printed on 100-pound poster paper. The full size is 40 x 38 inches when all seven pieces are displayed together. It focuses on respecting each other, learning from anyone’s mistakes, encouraging each other and more. It is intended for pre-school through fourth grade, but it could be valuable for any age.

16. Sproutbrite reading banner

Sproutbrite reading banner

I like this Sproutbrite motivational reading banner because it gives examples of the benefits of reading rather than just saying Reading is Fun. It tells the students that reading books takes them on an adventure and teaches them more about things they want to know. The package contains two banners each measuring 12.5 x 39 inches. As with other Sproutbrite products, it is printed on thinner paper, but the colors are extra bright and will stay that way.

17. Sproutbrite inspirational banners

Sproutbrite inspirational banners

These four Sproutbrite inspirational banners send a good message. They each express a useful reason that education is important and don’t just state Learning Is Fun. The messages are suitable for any age. They have the Sproutbrite signature bright colors and excellent design. The package includes four 13.5 x 39 inches banners printed on 100-pound poster paper. The paper used is specially created to hold the brightness of color. I recommend you have them laminated and they will inspire students for years.

18. Sproutbrite classroom decoration banner

Sproutbrite classroom decoration banner

The Sproutbrite inspirational posters come in a package of eight. They are printed on 100-pound paper that is designed to hold the bright colors for years. When placed together, the full design size 40 x 38 inches. This set focuses on bullying and the power of kindness to others. It’s very relevant for all elementary classrooms. Middle school-aged students may find the design a bit babyish, but the message applies to them. If the posters are used individually, they can still be effective. I recommend you have them laminated, so they will last for years.

19. Eureka Peanuts The Perfect Friend poster

Snoopy is famous for his friendship with a tiny bird. This poster uses Snoopy to describe the qualities of a good friend. The dimensions are 19 x 13.38 inches. According to several reviewers, the paper is very absorbent and attracts fingerprints and dust. However, having it laminated will solve that problem and everyone likes the graphics and message. I like it because it sends a good behavioral message without judgment.

Classroom Bulletin Board Supplies

Bulletin boards are for presenting daily information such as days and dates, schedules for activities and rotating student jobs in the classroom. This can be a chore to DIY, but these bulletin board supplies can make it much easier.

20. Creative Teaching Press calendar set

Creative Teaching Press calendar set

This calendar set has 67 pieces and is intended to allow the student to participate in keeping track of the day, days of the week, month and weather. Since it is intended to be left up all year, I recommend it is put in a place that is not the center of attention. It can be highlighted at the beginning of the day to set the new date and weather, but it could be distracting if it is placed where it can catch a student’s gaze during a lesson.

21. Home Sweet classroom calendar

Home Sweet classroom calendar

This package is from Teacher Created Resources. It contains 84 pieces that include the days of the week, individual numbers from one to 31, a calendar poster and a weather station. I like this calendar because it takes advantage of the days of the week to teach verb tense. In no time, children will remember yesterday was, today is and tomorrow will be. The colors are muted and the background looks like rustic wood and metal, which contrasts well with other brightly colored posters you may have in your classroom. The fonts are easy to read and the set includes extra pieces for holidays and special occasions. The calendar dimensions are 24 x 18 inches.

22. Creative Teaching Press bulletin board set

Creative Teaching Press bulletin board set

This is a space-themed package of cutouts by Creative Teaching Press for decorating a bulletin board. The design is vintage space design with old-fashioned rocket ships and astronauts. It has a Welcome sign and Lift off to Learning text, but it is suitable as decoration. You can add your own messages. It contains 46 pieces including 36 individual rockets, one for each student. It is made of unlaminated paper. According to most reviews, teachers love the retro design.

23. Woodland Friends bulletin board set

Woodland Friends bulletin board set

Creative Teaching Press Woodland Friends cut-outs come in a package of 51 pieces with a blank background chart of 17.5 x 24 inches. The theme is woodland animals and trees with an emphasis on camping. It contains 36 pup tents that can be used to create word or matching games or used as name labels. The welcome banner is not attached to the blank chart and can be used separately. I like these woodland cut-outs can be arranged in any way you want, and they offer talking points on nature.

24. Calm & Cool Soaring High bulletin board

Calm & Cool Soaring High bulletin board

This is a motivational kit that compares learning to flying. Created by Creative Teaching Press, the main design features are hot air balloons, butterflies and clouds. It used cool colors that are a pleasant change from the bright colors most posters use. It contains 57 pieces with a welcome banner, two hot air balloons, 36 individual balloons, two small motivational posters and a letterbox. It includes an instruction guide that gives you several ideas for using the set.

25. Hot Air Balloons bulletin board set

Hot Air Balloons bulletin board set

This set has one large balloon and 36 small balloons with labels. Each balloon is different. Designs are repeated, but the colors used on individual balloons are different. This is purely bulletin board decoration with no message. You can add your own heading and inspirational or welcoming text as you want. It also comes with a resource guide to give you ideas on how to use the cutouts. The small balloons are 6 x 4.25 inches. They can be used as name tags or for different topics. The material is sturdy paper, but if you want to use them for several years, you had better laminate them.

26. Books colorful cut-outs

Books colorful cut-outs

These cut-outs are shaped like books. The pack contains 36 assorted pieces that have blank covers for you to add your information. The durable card stock should be laminated to be reusable. With three each of 12 different designs, the cut-outs are 8 x 6 inches. The book motif celebrates reading. One teacher uses it for students to write the name of the book they read with the date they finished and post it on a bulletin board.

27. Face multicultural creative cut-outs

Face multicultural creative cut-outs

From SHAPES ETC, these head cut-outs are intended to teach diversity. They are the background for children to create a face and add hair or draw it on the cut-out. One popular idea is for children to create self-portraits and post them on a bulletin board. The faces are 5.5 x 5.5 inches and come in six skin tones. The pack contains 31 cut-outs, and it is not expensive, so I recommend you get several because your kids will want to do more than one. Along with self-portraits, they can do their friends, famous people or you. Some may like to make one for each of their family members.

28. Pencils border trim

Pencils border trim

GMAOPHY created this bulletin board border of rainbow-colored pencils as a classroom decoration. They brighten up a whiteboard or green board and highlight the area you are promoting. Each border is three inches high and the pack contains 50 feet of border. A useful tip is to leave the peel on and use double-sided tape to hang them.

29. Clingy Thingies calendar set

Clingy Thingies calendar set

Teachers Creative Resource offers Clingy Thingies calendar that can be used again and again. Its dimensions are 17 x 12 inches and it comes with 140 moveable labels and accents. The calendar will cling to any smooth surface but not rougher surfaces. Children write on it and wipe it clean. It can also be used by teachers who want a quick visual of things they need to do. The accents and labels that come on a sheet are also reusable.

Classroom Door Decorations

Doors are a great place to put decorations. It’s the first thing kids see as they enter the room, and the message can be changed often to keep it fresh. For example, put a daily riddle that will make them think or a vocabulary word they should understand before the end of the day. I have already given an extensive list of door decorations, but here are a few more.

30. Back to School welcome banner

Back to School welcome banner

Two Blulu welcome banners that can be hung on either side of the door. While these are cute and colorful, they may confuse children who are just starting to read and be better for second to third-grade students. Included in the pack are two ropes and 40 glue dots. The banners are made from think card stock and the front is laminated. Each letter is 11 x 9.4 inches.

31. Back to School banner

Back to School banner

This banner is similar to the above one. It has a black background which tends to make the colored text shine brighter. You can also get it with a sky-blue background. The banners are made from oxford fabric and are washable. You can hang them outdoors on a rainy day and they will quickly air dry. Each banner is 11.8 x 70.9 inches.

32. Berwick Eureka door decoration kit

Berwick Eureka door decoration kit

This Berwick EUREKA welcome banner has a fall theme with orange and yellow leaves as name tags. It is available in 13 other themes such as the other seasons, Dr. Seuse, holidays and birthday celebrations. Each pack has 13 paper cutouts in eight designs, one large vertical banner for a total of 45 pieces. It is made from heavy-duty card stock that is durable enough to use for several years. While it’s recommended as a welcome door banner, it is also suitable for bulletin board decorations.

33. Mickey Mouse door decoration kit

Mickey Mouse door decoration kit

EUREKA also makes a Disney-themed welcome banner with the most popular Disney characters, including Micky and Mini, Donald Duck and Goofy as separate cut-outs. It is 28 x 17 inches and comes with two blank panels that you can use tape to attach the characters. You could also put the characters around doors, windows, students’ work or other wall decoration. The cut-outs are made of heavy paper and need to be laminated to last.

34. Blulu motivational banners

Blulu inspirational banners

These are motivational banners with the usual motivational statements like Follow Your Heart, Dream Big and Make Today Amazing. I agree they have a place to direct children’s attention to positive thoughts, but they are not my favorite type. There are 10 signs with ropes to string them together to make a banner. The sturdy card stock is laminated on one side. They can be used as separate posters or strung together for one on each side of a door. The largest sign in 12.6 x 10.8 inches.

35. Peanuts characters deco kit

Peanuts characters deco kit

These cut-outs are of eight Peanuts characters with two Snoopys and four of his little bird friends. There is no message or label. The cut-outs are purely for decoration. They are made of paper and the dimensions are 18.5 x 13 x .03 inches. These characters are dearly loved by every generation. They are printed on both sides, so they are useful for windows if applied with clear double-sided tape, and with the tiny hole at the top, they can be hung.

Classroom Ceiling Decorations

Classroom ceiling decorations are usually streamers, balloons and giant DIY flowers. Some creative ideas include hanging inspirational or informative posters from the ceiling or upside-down colorful umbrellas. As you will see, you can buy unusual things to hang from your classroom ceiling.

36. Back to School decorations hanging pack

Back to School decorations hanging pack

This pack by KatchOn offers 46 cardboard school-related objects that you can hang from your classroom ceiling. They include a backpack, calculator, artist’s pallet, pencils and more. They are perfect for a welcome back to school celebration. The cut-outs are connected by hanging swirls. The cut-outs are of different sizes. The school bus is the largest at 6.5 x 7 inches and the smallest is the scissors at 3 x 6.4 inches.

37. Hanging Hot air balloon paper lanterns

Hanging Hot air balloon paper lanterns

These KAXIXI hanging hot air balloons are great classroom decorations for any occasion. The pack contains 10 paper balloons that are 12 inches high, and each has an individual design. The package also contains white ribbon and instructions for hanging.

38. Rainbow and cloud ceiling decoration

Rainbow and cloud ceiling decoration

From Fun Express Store, this hanging rainbow, clouds and raindrops are unique. Young children find it fascinating. It is made of paper and is 12 feet x 32 inches. It’s a good one to use on a special occasion or the welcome of spring, but it should be taken down if you want to use it again.

39. Konsait Solar system decoration

Konsait Solar system decoration

Konsait offers this hanging solar system with astronauts and vintage rocket ships. I’m not sure why they added the Ferrari, but why not? It has eight planets and the sun that can be hung from the ceiling with the included foil streamers. The planets are printed on both sides. The planets and sun are about 5.5 inches in diameter and the other objects are smaller.

40. Fall party ceiling decoration

Fall party ceiling decoration

These Supla fall decorations that can be hung from the ceiling appear like a forest in autumn. They come with foil swirl streamers and a comprehensive variety of autumn-colored leaves. The pack contains 40 pieces of leaves and foil swirlers with two foil banners that are 5.9 inches long.

41. MALLMALL6 rainbow hanging swirls decoration

MALLMALL6 rainbow hanging swirls decoration

MALLMALL 6 offers ceiling decorations that are suitable for just about any occasion from back-to-school to birthday parties. The pack includes hot air balloons, clouds, rainbows flowers and balloons. It contains 30 pieces including the foil hanging ribbons.

Classroom Rugs

Classroom carpets are one of the best tools for a flexible seating classroom. See my blog post for more ideas. The colorful carpets can be simple with shapes and colors or have numbers and the alphabet. Some are so attractive with farm animals, general knowledge or the solar system that children learn a lot by examining them.

42. Playtime Collection classroom rug

Playtime Collection classroom rug

This rug from the KC Cubs store is an example of a general knowledge rug. It’s 8.2 x 9.10 feet and covers the alphabet with examples, the days of the week and different types of weather. It can define a space where children sit on the floor and read or listen to an audio tape. It is made of polypropylene with a latex rubber backing. It is low pile and resistant to wear. It is easy to keep clean. The only drawback is the thinness. It may shift a bit on a smooth floor even though it is rubber-backed. A little carpet tape will solve this problem.

43. LIVEBOX play rug

LIVEBOX play rug

This is another general knowledge rug at 3 x 5 feet. It also comes in 4 x 6 feet. It’s made by LIVEBOX for a smaller area and suitable for a small corner where children go to read or play board games. It contains the alphabet, colors, numbers and a few shapes. It is made of soft faux wool and is anti-slip with shock absorbing features. You can even use it outdoors when you want to use nature in your lesson. This rug folds easily and is lightweight enough to carrying outdoors. It can be hand or machine washed and should be air dried. This is a big bonus because children can play with clay, paint and eat snacks on the rug.

44. Outer Space classroom rug

Outer Space classroom rug

This KC Cubs outer space themed rug is hugely popular with kids. It is covered with the labeled planets, rocket ships, the sun and moon, the Hubble telescope, a black hole, asteroids, meteors, constellations an astronaut and even a UFO. It is made of polypropylene with a rubber backing that holds it to a smooth floor. It is not treated with any chemicals. The dimensions are 3 feet 3 inches x 4 feet 7 seven inches, but you may be able to get it in 8 x 10 feet and 5 x 7 feet.

45. Educational oval classroom rug

Educational oval classroom rug

This KC Cubs is an oval shape and full of facts. From the alphabet, days of the week and seasonal weather to colorful illustrations for each, it’s a fascinating rug for children. This one is 5 feet 5 inches x six feet 6 inches but you can get it smaller and larger. It’s made of polypropylene and has a non-slip latex rubber backing. It is low pile and easy to keep clean. It will hold 10 kindergarten or pre-school kids. It’s also very popular for children being home schooled.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember when decorating your classroom is to be simple. Keeping empty wall space between decorations has a better impact on student’s memory than overcrowding. When you want to put up something new, just take something already on the wall down. Also, try to keep the decorations in line with the subject you are teaching.

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